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What Everyone Else is Writing About.

Yay!I spent the weekend in RI with some of my college roommates (we hit the beach, took foolish pictures, and ended up mistakenly crashing a wedding ... more on that once the pictures are loaded up), but first Chris and I made the loo-ong drive home from CT. 

Starting out at 10:30 pm and not even breaking free from New Haven until after 11:30, it was already shaping up to be a very long drive.  My constantly-nurtured Inner Book Geek was slightly itchy at the fact that the last Harry Potter book was being released at midnight and I was trying to play it cool.  I had plans to be at the beach in Narragansett with my roommates all weekend, so I didn't want to be obsessively toting around a 750 plus page book.  I wanted to relax and enjoy myself.

But as we shuttled past the exits on 95 North, I started to become very antsy.

"I may need to stop in Warwick at the Barnes and Noble and grab the book," I said to Chris, glancing sideways to gauge his reaction.  He smiled at me and my Inner Book Geek purred.   

"Of course.  Whatever you want to do.  I don't mind if we stop."

After another 45 minutes, we finally made it to Rhode Island.  And pulling into the parking lot of Barnes and Noble at 1:10 am, I was shocked to see hundreds of cars in the parking lot.

"Holy crap, are we serious with this?"

People dressed in robes were running back and forth.  Bookstore employees were holding brooms in one hand and megaphones in the other, ushering people into lines so purchases would be quicker.  I watched one little girl, no more than eight years old, clutch at her mother's hand and say, "Mom, I am so excited to read this book!"

Excited to read a book.  The concept just about made my brain melt.  It doesn't matter if you have read all the books, if you are against the series conceptually, or if you even care about the young, bespectacled wizard - the fact that kids and adults alike are lining up to read a book is astounding. 

I joined the line as one of the last and purchased my book.  Chris and I got back in the car to finish our late-night journey.  And as excited as I was to spend the next two days with my college roommates, I was thrilled to have this damn book in the car. 

These people standing in line - they were all waiting for a book.  There were no celebrities in the bookstore.  No one was signing autographs or giving away a trip to St. Thomas.   Just a book that people wanted to read.  And in this time of instant online information, YouTube clips, and podcasts, it's refreshing to hear the words, "I am so excited to read this book!"

I'm pretty excited, too.  My Inner Book Geek is very smiley these days.


I know, it's great, isn't it? All this to do, over a book. I love it.

Have you finished it yet?

I just started last night (no time to read over the weekend, despite the fact that the book was on the front seat of my car for two solid days). I am going to plug through it as quickly as possible. :)

Done. Loved it. That's all I will say!

I was at Barnes and Noble myself on Friday, not knowing about the Harry Potter craze, and I was in shock. Not just kids, but adults too. But I can relate because I do the same every August when Madden comes out.

Great post!! I felt just like that little girl getting my book.

Happy Reading!!!! :)

I have that inner book geek lurking inside of me also! Didn't join in the festivities on Friday night, scored mine on Saturday at WalMart for $17. I am going to be selfish, I'm reading it first, then the kids (11 & 18) can have it!

I'm so happy HP gets all ages to read. I went to a Books-A-Million (not as popular a store in my area), and it was still packed. My inner book geek has been estatic all weekend.

The book was great, by the way. Loved it. I can't believe it's over!

We were completely mobbed at the U.S. HP headquarters (i.e., Scholastic). But mobbed in a good way. Everything went smoothly. And although I was working Fri night (until 3 a.m.!) and Sat. again (only had time to go home and catch a few hours sleep, then head back to work) I did have time to start the book Sat. night, and I finished late Sunday. I loved it too! If you haven't finished yet, have fun!

BTW, I think what pleased my Inner Book Geek most was unloading an entire elevator full of the books on Saturday when we were restocking. And I am not kidding when I say an *entire* elevator full.

Isn't it crazy? My 8 year old is just starting book #1, and my 11 year old was so excited this weekend! He told me that just the thought of touching book #7 made him feel all tingly!

I freaked myself out b/c I read it pretty much straight through, and had serious eye strain when I was done. I was quite relieved to wake up 'back to normal' this morning. Oy, I'm gettin' old.

My inner book geek was chomping at the bit, waiting for USPS to arrive Saturday with my newly-minted HP7. I'm the mean mom too - I got first dibs. (Jana, I'm so jealous of you working at Scholastic! That must be a Book Person's dream...I get happy just going to the Scholastic Warehouse sales.)

Stayed up WAY too late Saturday night for a power-read-through because I couldn't STAND to not know the ending. Now I'm on reading number 2, taking my time to soak in all the details.

I'm going to miss Harry and the excitement of waiting for another book (and watching my daughter get more and more and MORE excited as the release day gets closer).

Happy Reading one and all! :)

It took me a few years, but I got sucked in, just like everyone else. Now I'm carrying book 7 all over Manhattan, reading a page or ten whenever I have a free minute - subway, bus stop, in my office...

The Harry Potter books are great, but it's impossible to over-emphasize the buzz that a book has generated, in a culture that is overwhelmed by media of more convenient types. To think that an author - and a children's author, at that - can hold a place of reverence reserved for people like Meryl Streep or Paul McCartney says incredibly encouraging things about the state of humanity's collective brain.

A further illustration - my 47 year-old boss, a lawyer, father of two, and generally lighthearted kind of guy - tore through book 7 over the weekend, in between managing his family and coming into work both days. He then proceeded to ramble on and on yesterday about it, before I even had the chance to open my own copy. I had to tell him to shut up, even though his eyes were alight with excitement.

I know the feeling. I was participating in a karate tournament on Saturday.. trying to keep my thoughts less on Harry Potter and more on not getting kicked in the head. As I got home, exhausted, I found myself very upset at the USPS guy who had left the book on top of the mailbox. I mean come on... someone could have stolen it. Anyway, all was well and I'm only half way through. The day job is getting in the way of my reading sessions.

I also noticed though that it is amazing in this day of YouTube and 30 second trailers and segment marketing that a 30 year old man and an 8 year old girl can feel the same way about a book. I think I'm going to finish 7, then reread the series in the british versions. The language changes make it just a little more fun. Enjoy everyone.

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