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Bits and Pieces

BlogrollHousekeeping!  And other assorted oddities.

The New Blogroll.  I've built a new blogroll here, with a text-only version and an alphabetical breakdown including screenshots and descriptions.  If your blog is on there and you'd like to add a short description, please email me.  If your blog is missing entirely - oh crap!  Send me an email so I can add you! 

Reviews.  I receive a lot of emails from diabetes product development teams regarding reviews.  If you have a product that you would like to have reviewed, please check out the SUM Reviews page and drop me a line.   I'm proud to be a part of this community and if we can help spread the word about a product that makes our lives a little better, I'm all for it. 

Subservient Chicken.  Oh how I remember finding this a few years ago and being completely astounded.  You can tell this chicken what to do.  It's all tied back to Burger King advertising, but visiting the site is worth the marketing subtleties.

Your Story.  There is a new Your Story up every Monday - have you submitted yours yet?  Email your story and any pictures you'd like to include to story@sixuntilme.com.  I'd love to heard from you!Was "Worried Walrus" on the Sweet Pickles bus?

Sweet Pickles.  Chris and I were talking about Sweet Pickles - that book series from the early 80's with the theme song - "Sweet Pickles is great!" - and the bus filled with weird animals that supposedly delivered the books to your home.  Personally, if a bus with furry creatures showed up at my house bearing books, I would be terrified.  Did anyone ever order these books?  And was there a frog in that bus?  I can't remember and can't find any video confirmation on YouTube. 

Tomorrow - a chance meeting at the JDRF walk kick-off luncheon.  :)


Kerri, Sweet Pickles was awesome! Moody Moose was my favorite!

I have the entire Sweet Pickles collection in my closet at home. I loved those books!

Speaking of Burger King advertising, you have to check out simpsonizeme.com and see what you would look like, if you were a Simpson! It's a great site, and I had way too much fun at work with my co-workers.

I was a fan of Sweet Pickles when I was a kid, but was there a cartoon? If so, I totally missed out!

Kerri, I am always trying to find someome who remembers Sweet Pickles and Everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I try to describe it! I have never been able to find the books in any store, but now that I have your verification that I didn't just imagine it, I am going to try some more. Thanks for making me feel a little more sane today!

I always thought I was the only one who remembered that creepy bus! People look at me like I'm crazy when I mention it.

"Hey, remember that big green bus with the Furries on it? The Sweet Pickles bus?"

Odd look. :)

Umm. Is that chicken wearing garters?

(Awesome blogroll.)

I loved the Sweet Pickles series. I think I had all of them. Gee...I hadn't thought of those in forever. I bet Izzy would love them!

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