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3,063 Words

Autumn leaves at a park in Darien.

We visited a park and the leaves were just starting to turn.

Wickford mums

The display of blooming mums in Wickford Village a few weekends ago were beautiful against the late summer sky.

Chubby little Abby

And Abby fell asleep in the suitcase and was snoring as I finished writing an article yesterday afternoon.

Sometimes I just need to take a few minutes and appreciate these moments more.


I'd would say 'stop and smell the mums', but they don't smell good.

You took beautiful pictures!

Why is it that no matter when a cat falls asleep on a suitcase, it's cute? So cute!

Do you then take your suitcase somewhere and laugh at the massive layer of cat hair on it?

Enjoyed the pictures. Leaves don't turn in the deep south. They dry up and fall off!

Abby looks just like my kitty...big, fat and happy!!

These little moments are IT, baby! These are life. This is the GOOD STUFF! As good as it gets.

Looking at your photos really makes me miss New England (or even my hometown in Wisconsin) in the fall. It really is such a beautiful time of year, and I love it.

I know, I have palm trees and exotic flowers and 85 degree temps here in Taiwan, but to me, there's little better than a crisp New England day among the changing leaves and turtlenecked people!

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