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From Manhattan to Manhattan.

The shadow of our planeAside from the fact that our journey started at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday, Chris and I have arrived safely in Los Angeles.  (According to Chris, it was the calmest he had ever seen me on a plane, and this was without medication.  Only one little Xanax pill crossed into my system just before the plane left from NYC.  The rest of the day, I was fine on my own.)

I took a ton of pictures from the plane, of craters in the earth, various shots of the desert landscape, and the sun reflected in the wing as it rose.  The American landscape is remarkable - I found my nose pressed against the window of the plane for hours on end as we traveled so I could get a better view.  I also caught a photo of the shadow our plane cast as it approached LAX. 

Blood sugars have been miserable for the last few days - more 300's than I've seen in a long time, and I experienced a very uncomfortable 46 mg/dl on the airplane.  The bounce between very high and exceedingly low has left me feeling lethargic, sock-mouthed, and a little grumpy.  Again, another example of stress having its way with my blood sugars.  Thank goodness for fast-acting insulin, constant glucose checks, and the unending patience of my husband-to-be.

After we landed, we picked up our rental car.  Which is a PT Cruiser in this obscene orange flame color.  This thing is IMPOSSIBLE to lose in a parking lot.  And because we're ridiculous and refuse to acknowledge the fact that we have already been traveling for 10-plus hours, Chris and I took our Rental Flame for a jaunt to Manhattan Beach.

Kerri at Manhattan Beach.
(If you look closely at the left-hand side of the photo, my insulin pump is tucked tightly into the waistband of my pants.  Not that you want to look too closely, because then you may notice my hair is all over the damn place, my necklace is making a run for it, and I'm sloppy from hours on a plane.)

The houses that line Manhattan Beach are tremendous, boasting a blooming garden of exotic flowers in each front yard.  This one looked exactly like a bird.

I'm such a sucker for something that looks like an animal but isn't actually an animal.  Like rocks that look like squirrels.  :)

And roses bloomed by the dozen, with the salt spray of the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop.

Roses on the beach.

With today being Blog Action Day (and my sister's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COURTNEY!), the focus is on the environment.  Looking at these beautiful moments, I hope they are around for my children to "ahh" over, as well.


As a southern Californian, I must tell you those flowers are called "Birds of Paradise." They're pretty cool... and all over the place!

I hope you enjoy your trip to the left coast :)

Welcome To California! It looks like you spotted one of many "birds of paradise" planted all over the place in southern Cali. Keep watch at any mall or fancy landscape locale... they'll be there:)

Hey! It's good to see you landed in L.A. in one piece...mentally ;)

Have fun in the sun!

I used to have Birds of Paradise in my backyard but my dog barks at them and then bites them.

Oh and Welcome to California!!!!

Is that the crater in Arizona? We took the kids there over the summer. It was wicked windy, but pretty cool.

I'm glad you made it safely and without too much Xanax, though I'm sorry to hear about the swinging/high bloodsugars. I've had a bit of that myself lately, as well.

Enjoy sunny CA! The pictures are great.

Welcome out west!

Orange or red roses?, orange PT Cruiser, and orange bird of paradise.
Sounds like you are celebrating fall too. :)

Have fun!

( If you have time, check out Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade at night time with the white string lights. Its an outdoor shopping area. Its romantic too for the two lovebirds in you. ) and the Santa Monica Pier is walking distance (you can see this pier in the movie 'Titantic' at the end, and 'The Net' with Sandra Bullock)

We used to have a bird of paradise when I lived in CA too! They are very durable!
Manhattan Beach - well at least it wasn't too far from the airport, but the OC beaches are way better! See if George will take you there! :D

I was just going to say that the bird like flower is called "Bird of Paradise"..they grow like weeds in Australia...then I looked up and saw the other comments and now I feel a bit silly.lol.

You're looking well, Kerri! Seriously! Necklace on the lose and all!

Love from Kate and D in OZ

Ah, that's Meteor Crater in Arizona, isn't it? My brother and I detoured out there on our way to San Diego a few years ago...it's even more stunning from the ground.

What is it with the rental car companies and the PT Cruiser (or as I've heard out and about, PT Loser)? Last time I rented a car, I got stuck with a yellow Loser (affectionately nicknamed Banana Creme) and when I went to return it, there were 3 others in line in front of me. Enjoy LA in your Loser! At least it matches the birds of paradise.

That's funny/strange, I've been having the same problems with my glucose levels over the past couple of weeks - along with nose bleeds. Maybe I've got a cold and it's screwing everything up...


David B.

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