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High Fashion.

The fur hat.

She walked into the cafe on Ventura wearing this lovely brown fur hat. 

The brown parka.

She also wore this tasteful fur parka (yes, in LA.  Yes, in October.)

The brown boot.

Brown boots lined with fur accented her fashionable feet.

Messenger bag.

And a messenger bag across her chest completed her outfit.

Making her accomplish her goal: 

High fashion.  Sucka.

To look like Chewbacca.

(I do not understand fashion.)


She must've been sweating up something fierce.


I don't think I could have helped myself...

I would have petted her on her head.

That's really too f-ing funny. Hopefully you'll get the fashion of the hat I'm making you for Sunday!

Maybe she's a Star Wars fan?? LOL. Gotta love LA, huh? I imagine you see a little bit of everything there :)

Welcome to Los Angeles! LOL

Wookies like Coffee? I would have never thought! I would have pegged Chewie as a tea drinker but whatev.

Laugh it up fuzzball.

hahah...any one of those pieces on their own might look good paired with something else, but all together? Too much! Even for Wisconsin or Maine in January.

These are the kooky memories you'll cherish someday. hah :)

Great Halloween costume!


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