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Six Things Before LA.

It's been a very silly week so far here on Six Until Me ... may as well close it out that way.  Here's The Friday Six:The Friday Six:  October 12, 2007

One.Oh for pete's sake ... we open with the LOLCat Bible.  For some strange reason, I'm surprised this exists.  I clicked around and despite the fact that it's extremely silly and completely foolish, I almost spit out my tea laughing.

Two.Now that the dress has been ordered (yay!) and my bridesmaids are all getting together next weekend (minus my wonderful sister, who is in VA, but she'll be fitted down there) for their first dress fittings, it's time to start thinking about invitations.  I've seen a few websites where you can order invitations, but I'm looking for some referrals.  If you used an online service for your wedding invites, can you send me a link?  (And we've chosen ivory and green for our colors - a very Irish wedding!)

Three.Okay, this guy had an ear grafted to his arm.  What a freak.  This is the first literal application of "talk to the hand."  Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes, but it made me laugh out loud and force co-workers to watch it with me.

Four.The highs have it, apparently.  This week has sucked as far as diabetes control goes.  Despite the fact that my A1c was decent and my blood sugars have been relatively in-range for the last few months, I hit some big highs on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I spent much of the day with sweaters on my teeth and lethargy wrapped around me like a blanket. 

Kinked cannula?  No.  Over-zealous eating patterns?  Not really.  Looks like I gaffed up my workouts and did a fancy combination of overeat/under-bolus to keep my sugars from dropping during my workout.  Of course they didn't drop, like they normally do.  For some reason, they orbited instead, hitting a cruising altitude of about 300 mg/dl.  It appears to be over now, but it sucked for a few days, to the point where I convinced I was piping in maple syrup instead of insulin.

Five.YAY!  SUM has cracked into the Top Three for the Blogger's Choice I love this little guy.Awards for Best Health Site.  Thanks for all of your support!  Voting closes on October 19th, and I'm excited to see the outcome.  Right now, they've made the results blocked out for the top three sites, so I can't tell where I'm at.  All I know is that I like the little yellow guy icon.  :)

Six.And on Sunday morning, I'll be heading out to LA for the week and working from the sunny west coast for a few days.  I have my clothes packed, my laptop at the ready, and a bottle of Xanax for the damn flight.  (I still don't like flying.  Not even a little bit.)  I'm hoping to see some buddies while I'm out in LA - including one Mr. SuperG himself! 

Have a good weekend and I'll catch you on Monday!


Oh my, I'm already laughing as I imagine the conversation you and G-Money will have. He is one of funniest people I have ever met. Can't wait to hear all about it!

No advice on online invitation services, but I know you'll find something wonderful.

I went to a wedding this summer in which the bride and groom had made some books for their parents from a site called www.mypublisher.com It was really neat--photos from the past leading up to the present, all in a really neat little bound book to give as a sweet and sentimental gift at the rehearsal dinner.

Just FYI - I had an awful awful awful flying phobia for pretty much all of my 20's. It was totally irrational and precipitated by a flight mirroring the TWA 800 flight that blew up over Long Island. I've found that several of my panic-attack-inducing phobias have simply resolved themselves as my 30's progress (although I still have issues w/ long hair on men, except for Kip Winger). I can actually fly with barely any (noticeable) hyperventilating now. So maybe you won't need the Xanax in the future.

have fun in Cali. looks like it'll be partly cloudy for the next couple of days. but still in the nice 70s.

have a great week! My opinion on invites, go to a local stationer and get really nice invites. It's the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding and it isn't the place where you want to cut back and save money. It sets the theme. Nothing says classy like real invitations.. (do I sound too much like your granny?)

Check out dailycandy.com - they always have great recommendations for invitations (you can run a search in the "Boston", "New York" or "Everywhere" edition - the "everywhere" edition tends to be the best for online shopping). I've heard Dutch Door Press is really good (my sister used to work with the woman who started it), but they are located in San Francisco and i'm not sure if they qualify as "online". Good Luck!

Can't. wait. to. meet!

I gotta lose another 10 pounds by next week! Dang.

You have to meet with Super-G! Just don't let him make you shoplift like he almost did to me! LLOL (ALOL)!


Yay! You get to meet Super-G. super cool. Enjoy L.A., and I look forward to your stories upon your return to New England!

OMG -- you are so crazy, Kerri! I can't get over the visual image of the ear grafted to the arm. How appropriate for the spooky behavior October tends to elicit. By the way -- I hope the sun shines on you brightly while you're in LA. It might even help return the sugars to *normal* :) Enjoy the heck out of yourself while in Cali!

P.S. Congrats on the award running! Everything you've put into SUM all these years -- I hope you keep climbing the ranks!

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