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Team dLife

Team dLife

Team dLife!

Our team was small but dedicated to the cause, doing our part to raise awareness for diabetes.  It's a remarkable experience, being part of a company dynamic that serves to better the lives of people living with diabetes.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported Team dLife, from the walkers to those who donated to the people who tolerated my silly "troop rallying" emails.  (Note to self:  Pictures of sad kittens in teacups = good donations.  It's a proven fact.)

On a completely non-diabetes related note, we also saw Batman and Spiderman wandering around the walk.  Only there was something a bit disconcerting about the footwear.

Chris's voice murmured in my ear as he walked by.  "Does Batman always go barefoot?"

Barefoot Batman and Gym Sock-Clad Spiderman


awesome. I love that Batman is barefoot and fancy free. Glad you guys were out walking for a cure. Love that! Thanks for the post. :)

Hello Kerri,

I made it!!! Our wedding was wonderful and the stress was almost non-existent.
Keep up the great work on your blog.


Ha!!!!!!!! Barefoot Batman and is Spiderman wearing socks?

Great picture! Go Team DLife!!!

Maybe their boots were pinching their feet.

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