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D Meets Facebook?

I received an email from Jens Christianson this morning about his new social networking DiabetesFriends.net space for diabetics called DiabetesFriends.net.  I joined up this morning and the whole space has a pretty cool look - very "Facebook" in presentation with the blue and white theme going on and similar Wall and Groups features.

Jens says, "I was diagnosed a T2 diabetic in 2007. It was quite a surprise and very frustrating, as I knew extremely little about diabetes. I had many unanswered questions and used the internet a lot to find more information about diabetes."

There aren't too many members at the moment, but it looks like it has the potential to become a fast-growing networking space.  Another feather in the Health 2.0 cap or a real trailblazing network?  We'll be the judges on that. 


Sounds like it could shape up to be a terrific site. I'm heading over to join right now. Thanks for the tip!

On my way.

Oh gosh another social network to steal my free time...

I like the layout of the site, and it's a lot more intuitive than the usual suspects. I think they need to support an identity system like OpenID, though. I'm tired of creating personas on different sites. Maybe they should live within Facebook as a Facebook App....

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