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Diabetes in the News.

Newspaper IconThe internet is a-buzz with piles of diabetes-related newsbits, ranging from the good, the hopeful, and the downright distressing. Here's a recap:

The Good:  Our very own Landileigh was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article today about Google's online health records.  Congratulations, Landileigh!!

And also, TuDiabetes has surpassed 2,000 members.  Congratulations to Manny and the whole TuDiabetes family!

The Hopeful:  The BBC has reported that mice with type 1 diabetes started producing their own insulin after taking a cocktail of different drugs.  It's great to hear that those mice keep getting cured, and I'm cautiously hopeful that the clinical trials will prove to be inspiring as well. 

The Downright Distressing:  As reported by the New York Times this morning (and a big hat tip to Scott, who alerted me), the JDRF International in NYC is under investigation "after an internal audit showed that hundreds of thousands of dollars was missing."  While a few bad apples don't represent the entire organization, it's disconcerting to see the JDRF in this position.  After over two decades with type 1 diabetes, I am deeply saddened to see this organization stumble.

But, never one to leave things on a negative note, I did come across this YouTube clip of The Type 1 Mom Song, which I found to be both very well done and it made me giggle.  (Hat tip to Heidi.) After the range of news I've read in the last hour or two, I needed a good laugh


Yay, mice!

The JDRF thing completely and totally peeves me, because I gave a pretty good portion of my proceeds from my last novel to JDRF, about $7,500, and now I'm wondering if some of the money I sweated blood, lost vision and developed carpal tunnel for, was stolen. I really, really hope those guys had to pay the money back. I was going to give a percentage of the money from my next book as well, but now I feel like I should find another diabetes organization.

I especially get mad when I think of all the families and friends of diabetics I see at the JDRF walks, who work so hard to raise money. It's like stealing money directly from all of us...I just really hope it doesn't affect future donations.

LOL! I loved the video. My roommates didn't get it but my mom got a giggle.


My mom and I LOVED the video!!!
theres definetly not enough diabetes humor out there. i'm a little dissapointed with LOL diabetes but thats another story. Mad props to whoever made that video!!!

Oh those mice, they get all the good things! One step at a time I guess.

I wouldn't take the JDRF crisis too hard, in fact in a twisted kind of way it's a good thing.

Every company and some point goes through something like this. The fact that it was discovered by a clever internal auditor should give us all that much more confidence that our money is being watched closely.

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