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Beyond Insulin.

Moving away from home has been tough. 

Almost two years ago now, Chris and I moved from our respective hometowns in Rhode Island and ventured out here to western CT.  Work for both of us has been productive and has advanced our careers, but socially it's been a little lacking.  We do have each other (and he is my best friend and fiance, so we can actually hang out and have fun), and Chris and I have explored so much of our new town and surrounding areas.  We've dined at great restaurants, found some fun new places, and created bits of comfort in this strange new place. I still really love my job and my co-workers have gone from "office mates" to people I feel are my friends. 

But at least twice a month, we go home to RI and hang out with our friends, visiting Boston or Providence or teeny seaside towns like Watch Hill or Narragansett.  Even though CT has great job opportunities and the excitement of NYC just a quick train ride away, Rhode Island and its sandy beaches will always be home.  And my friends will always be my friends, whether I live in the same town as them or I live thousands of miles away. 

I realize that RI is only about three hours away from our home in CT, but sometimes it feels like we're living out on the moon.  It gets a little lonely at times, and I've missed my friends and family tremendously over the past few months in particular.  As the wedding draws nearer, my bridesmaids call often and my mother and I talk several times a week, but I miss having these conversations in person.  Truth be told, I'm homesick these days and I miss my friends to the point where I'm starting to whiiiiiine about it.

Blogging, and the internet in general, does provide a certain social outlet.  I really enjoy writing and am grateful for all of the people I've "met" in the last few years.  But there's something sterile and a bit detached about the internet.  I feel very lucky to have met people like Nicole, Shannon, Julia, and Christel who have really stepped past blogging buddies and into the parts of my life that are beyond diabetes.  For me, it's about building relationships that actually mean something, not just collecting "friends" like they're baseball cards.  And so much of that real connection is possible within this community.

Last night, I had dinner with two women who I connected with through the Fairfield County chapter of the JDRF.  One I've met before and the other is actually the sister of a guy I work with here at dLife.  (Everyone here has some connection to the disease.)  It was terrific to hang out with new people - in person! - and realize there was way more than diabetes to talk about.  The three of us tossed around the idea of a Fairfield County monthly dinner or something, and I'm totally game.  So ... long blog post short, if you're living in the Fairfield County area and would like to join us for a monthly "It's More Than Diabetes" (or something like that) dinner, drop me a line at kerri [at] sixuntilme [dot] com.

In the meantime, I'll be analyzing how much time I spend online and how I want to reposition the internet as it relates to my life.  Life is short -- too short to spend more time face-to-face with a computer instead of ... a face. 

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I wish I lived on the East Coast, I only get to hang with OC'ers when they come to visit!


Sounds like you found some cool new outlets for real people time as opposed to keyboard time. very cool!

Just reading your post made me homesick for Rhode Island. Even though I left over 15 years ago (first college, then work), it will always be home to me. There's just something so unique about it - it's a quirky state with quirky people, but I love it anyway. This, of course, is despite my husband's constant joking ("It's not a real state." and "Did you only have one high school?" and "Don't you know EVERYONE there?" and, well, you get the idea). I still haven't taken him "home" yet, but I know he'll love it.

I'd pay big bucks for a Del's right now - with a bolus chaser, of course ;-).

Do you watch "Brotherhood" on Showtime?

I understand the being detached from social things. I live in the same town I grew up in, but all of my close friends live at least 2 hours (or more [much, much more]) away from me. So it can be very lonely at times.


I'm so in the same place. We've talked about that.

I just made plans with my old college roomies to meet up in JULY.....

I need to make face to face friends that are past the acquaintance stage. I have more than enough acquaintances, but I only have one close friend here.

We moved up here 5 years ago and we have no family closer than 5 hours away. It's just the 5 of us.

It's time I planted some real roots. I'm not living in a temporary place anymore. NH is pretty permanent now.

I'm taking a break from the computer life. Of course I had to check in here and had to comment :)

But it's nice to have a few online buddies to chat up and laugh with :)

I think that preparing for something as life changing as marriage without being in the company of family would be difficult for anyone. At least you aren't too far.
Is it just me or does blogging sometimes seem like leading a double life? Like your blog life and the real world aren't as one all of the time...
Anywho the "It's More Than Diabetes" dinner sounds like a fabulous idea!

I've clung to internet communities instead of finding real life friends in the Denver area. I've lived here 10 years and haven't made one friend outside of work people or Greg's friends. I miss my family and friends in WI so much right now, thinking about that upcoming tenth anniversary of my move out here. Why do I spend so much time on the 'net when I could at least be talking to them on the phone? I had the first long conversation I've had with my mom in at least a couple years the other day. I need to make more time for that type of thing.

I think a lot of us are getting that way, aren't we?

Wow, thanks, Kerri. I'm honoured to be counted among your friends.

Hey Kerri i know the feeling about missing home...I live 8 hrs away so i know sorta of how you feel...ur alittle closer...but i feel like you also...ive met alot of people and been different places..but im excited that i get to see you soon...

I moved away from RI in 1992, and I still refer to it as "home." I've always thought that was funny, but it's the way it is in my brain.

The dinner plan sounds great! I wish I were in the Fairfield area, but I'm not :( I do love to cook, though. And a couple of friends I have made out here do as well, so we get together once every other week or so and cook together. It's a lot of fun.

I hear you about needing to put the computer in its proper place. I have had to force myself NOT to check work email when I am at home. And I've tried to remind myself, too, about the cell phone - just because it rings doesn't mean I HAVE TO answer it. There's something annoying about always feeling connected. Sometimes it's nice to shut it all off and sit down with a good book or play with the dog :)

I miss Del's and Chelo's and Aunt Carrie's and .... but San Jose has its good points, too, I guess...

I know what you mean! I spend so much time checking e-mail, posting on message boards, and blogging. In fact, it's 2 AM here and guess what I'm doing? I hope to find a better balance with my internet time and "real person" time, too. :)

Feeling homesick is so tough. But the monthly dinners sound like a great idea!! I'm going to shoot you an e-mail now.

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