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Don We Now Our Green Apparel.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Blogosphere!   It's the day when my first name (like County Kerry in Ireland) resonates and I actually debate putting green food coloring in just about everything. It's also the birthday of both my father and my editor-in-chief, so there's plenty of celebrating going on.

I spent the weekend in Newport, RI with NurseBestFriend and some local pals.  We partied from the early morning hours straight into the early morning hours of the next day.  Check out the Flickr highlights.

Highlights included:

Irish eyes are shrining.

This excellently deadpan Shriner with his puppet.  This guy never broke into a smile, never actually acknowledged the puppet, but it danced and waved and puppeted about.


There were some fantastic leprechauns.

Kerri and Jess.

And some big grins with my best friend.  And then with Elmo.

Kerri and Elmo

There once was a green-themed parade
Where Elmo's red fur was displayed.
Kerri sought out his hug,
For the camera they mugged,
And complete was St. Patty's Day made!

Today we're having a party at work and tonight (after the gym, of course), Chris and I are off to celebrate in town.  What are your plans for the holiday?


Elmo looks like he wants you.

Today is the day I appreciate my name--Shannon, and my Irishness.

Otherwise, we're having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight.

Not very Irish. Sorry.

I always forget about St.Pats day until my daughter yells something like "Mom, does anyone have any shamrock socks?" at 7am on her way out to school The fact that I'm not Irish is a proper excuse, right? I leave all the Irish/Scottish/Polish holidays to DH and I will handle all the French Canadian ones. Boxing Day anyone??? lol

But dh and I will celebrate with Smithwicks.

Mac & cheese, also not very Irish. I did wear a green sweater and my mom's Irish claddagh ring to work, though :)

OMG! A life sized Elmo! too cool :)

And yeh, he does kinda look like he's whispering to you about the naughty things he'd like to do to you ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day Kerri! :)

Looks like you celebrated it in style! :)

St. Paddy's Day is one of the more celebrated holidays in our house, since my Grandfather was born in Ireland, so tonight, our whole family is coming over for a traditional Irish dinner of corned beef, cabbage, steamed potatoes, carrots, and Irish Soda Bread!!!!!!!!! :-]

We had a very traditional Irish dinner of pasta and garlic bread. And now I'm going to watch Keith Olbermann and knit. It's just party, party, party around here, lemme tell ya.

AHHHH! It's ELMO! I love Elmo. I'm jealous that you got to hug him and I didn't. :(
I'm glad you had a good time!

I celebrated St.Patrick's day at work along side my coworkers and my residents and i remembered to call dad and wish him a very happy birthday and a happy st paddys day also...ate corned beef for the first time...yum!!!! and had the usual blarney stone cake and steamed potatoes....it was a very filling meal...

A limerick, even! Nice one.
That shriner guy is the bomb.

this Italian made real corned beef by boiling in Guiness. YUM!

I was in Newport for the parade too..didn't stay outside in the rain but I did see the guys in the 2nd photo in a pickup truck right near Thames. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

:) Erin

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