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Wedding Shower.

My wedding shower was this past Saturday, hosted by my wonderful bridesmaids and my family in South County, RI.  (Funny story about South County.  There actually is no "real" South County.  RI only hosts five real counties, with South County being something that residents of the southern-most portion of the state just plain made up.   But I've digressed.  Again.)

The shower was gorgeous.  I've posted a whole slew of pictures in my Flickr account (the ones in the Wedding Shower set), with the talented Batman serving as both bridesmaid extraordinaire and photographer.  NBF held down the fort by keeping me sane and keeping track of gifts.  I had the pleasure of my family, Chris's family, and friends from all parts of my life in one room, at the same time.  It was such an honor to feel so much love from so many people all at once. 

The gifts - holy crap are people ever generous. Chris and I received so many nice gifts and so many unexpected surprises, like this absolutely breathtaking quilt, handmade by my very talented Aunt Linda. (More pictures of the quilt to be uploaded later tonight.)  And the special purple frying pan, courtesy of my cousins. 

And yes, there was a hat made out of a paper plate and the gift ribbons.  And yes, I wore it.  :)

But if you want to know why I received a basket of fancy toilet paper, or why packages of Nutter Butter cookies were part of the festivities, you'll just need to skip on over to Flickr and see for yourself.  

Kerri and the Cookies.

THANK YOU to all of my bridesmaids, my family, and my friends who made this day so special for me.   


You look simply divine in your ribbon hat. Looked like a great time!

So cool! Time is flying by! How exciting!!!

I am glad you had a great time.

Sounds like a wonderful shower. You really worked the ribbon hat.

Great photo's :) Looks like a beautiful shower. You're going to be a stunning bride Kerri! :)

The purple frying pan is cool lol and yes, the ribbon hat is a must at all wedding showers.

Glad you had so much fun and got spoiled - that's what it's all about! :)

I think people are cheating and not really going to the flickr set. I was the first one to view some of them! ;)

yay! I'm so glad you had a fun shower- I've been dying to hear all about it!...off to Flickr!!

Love the photos. You look great! ROTFL at the toilet paper. That's priceless!

You MUST share bachelorette party pics! };-)

glad to hear you had a fun shower!! that ribbon hat is great haha

love the "bride" hat, you have to show us the "groom" hat being worn!

Kerri! Such great photos! You look SO happy! GI Joe, laughed so hard when I went back and viewed that photo!

Oh the fancy toilet paper is just great.

Have to admit, I was looking for your pump! Well hidden my dear!

Congrats and yah you have to share the bachelorette pics!

I am so happy for you Kerri - and Chris too.....

You're beginning to make getting married sound fun. Stop it!

Ah, South County. RI is some state, let me tell you! So glad you got the paper plate bonnet. I was the proud recipient of one in Feb (maybe it's a RI thing??). So glad you got cool stuff - people really go all-out for you and it's a bit overwhelming, right? All well deserved.

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