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Le Pals at Les Halles.

I like when worlds collide. 

Christel and I originally met through our diabetes connection, about three years ago.  Conversations quickly stemmed from pumps and blood sugars to laughing our asses off at jokes and talking about our lives.  Nicole is a former co-worker who has had to deal with my ridiculousness at work and outside of work.  Two different parts of my life - work and the internet community.

Yet last night, they were both forced to hang out with me together.  Pals at Les Halles.  ;)  (Crappy pun, but when you mispronounce the name of the restaurant, as I often do, it rhymes at least a little bit.)

We dined at Les Halles (which is where Christel and I went last time she was up north) and the food was fantastic.  Steaks and frites and some wine and creme brulee (holy 273 mg/dl, Kerri) ... good stuff.  It was very cool to sit there with my "diabetes friend" and my "coworker" and realize that these two have stepped far outside of their labels and are true friends. 

Kerri, Christel, and Nicole at Les Halles.

Diabetes talk?  Sure, there was some of that.  Work talk?  Of course, some of that, too.  Plenty of silliness, as well.  Good food, good conversation with good friends. Worlds colliding, in all the right ways.  Thanks for the great night, ladies!

*          *          * 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the DRI sessions on Saturday in NYC as yet another college roommate of mine is gettin' hitched in Newport this weekend, but I hope you guys have a great time!  And on Sunday, Team SUM will be representing at the JDRF Walk in RI, so if you are going to be at that walk, please stop by and say hello!

Have a great weekend!


Kerri is that not the best being out to dinner with friends ? i mean that is the best . I hope you had fun . I also hope you have fun at the wedding . Have a great time . Alas another great blog dear .

Kerri, So glad you had fun! Aren't girlfriends the greatest! Sometimes a 275 is just worth it!
I want to inform you that you are an aunt!! Two days ago I became a pumper, and I have decided to name her ( my pump)Kerri....partly because I have to ├žarry' this thing around with me for the rest of my life, and mostly because you have been such an inspiration to me. Holy cow, I'm almost old enough to be your mom, but your 'don't let this disease stop me' attitude has truly helped me hang tough over the last 2 years.
Congratulations! I won't send you 'her'picture because you know what 'she'looks like already! LOL
Have a terrific weekend!
Mousie, proud new pumper

Did you see my boyfriend?

So jealous. I would love to eat there.

Ahh, Christel, my hero! I am glad you guys had a good time.

Have a great weekend Kerri.

1. Your wedding wasn't by chance on Sunday, was it? (and for Cadence and Jesse?) Because if you were at the same wedding I was... well that'd just have been weird. Especially since I didn't run into you!

2. Connor Shawn Martin was born last Thursday (10/16). Sweet Jesus, my bro's a dad.

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