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It's Like Golf.

Diabetes is like golf.This morning, the doctor's office called.

"Hey there, it's [Nurse From Dr. CT's office].  Is this Kerri?"

"It is.  Hi!  What's up?" 

(I talk with medical professionals like they're my buddies.  This probably annoys them, but I can't help it.)

"I wanted to let you know we got your labs back.  Everything looks stable.  No change."

My heart just sank.  No change.  But I was looking for - hoping for - change.

"No change?  That's disheartening.  Can you send me a copy of the lab workup to my home?"

"Sure can.  And why disheartening?"  I could hear a note of concern in her voice.  My doctor's office isn't big, and there are only two nurses.  I've seen this particular nurse so many times that I recognize her voice.  She's a nice person. 

"Well, my last A1C was pretty crappy.  And I was hoping this one would be a bit better, you know?"  I was driving, and trying hard to keep my eyes from welling up.  I was so disappointed.  I felt like a failure.  Another A1C above 8%?  But I was trying!

"Oh wait, you have type 1, right?  Hang on a second, Mrs. Sparling."

(This made me smile.  Mrs. Sparling.  My sadness was wiped away briefly by remembering that I was married to Chris.)

I waited.

"Mrs. Sparling?  Your cholesterol is the same [139].   Your thyroid is the same [fine].  All the other tests we checked for were totally in range.  But your HbA1C did drop - you're at 7.5%."


"I'm sorry?"

"I mean, thank you for clarifying.  I'm glad the number went down.  I was hoping it would.  It's like golf, this diabetes stuff.  Lower is better."

"Well, your wedding probably made you stressed out, so that's most likely why the last one was so elevated.  I can see that your previous A1C's were all in the 6's and low 7's.  And also, is okay to say that I hate golf?"

(She IS paying attention.  I love when it's confirmed that people care.)

"I hate golf, too."  I laughed.  "Thanks for letting me know the specifics.  I feel much better now."

"No problem.  And you know what?  Thanks for talking to me like I'm a real person.  Makes me feel less like I'm a robot making phone calls.  Have a nice day, Mrs. Sparling."

it goes both ways, the appreciation of being treated like a "real person."  

And I'm glad to know where I stand as far as this A1C thing goes.  It's easier to aim for something when I at least know where I'm aiming from.  (There's nowhere to go but ... down?)  Next A1C is scheduled for the beginning of April, and the absolute goal is under 7%.  It's go time.  I know I can do it.


Great news, Mrs. Sparling!!! Keep up the good work. I'm sure your next one will be in the 6's too!

What a great phone call. Except for the 'valley girl', I really enjoy my endo's office staff. And even valley girl with crazy upspeak skills is entertaining on the phone.

Great job on the A1c. Sounds like we are approaching 'happy baby range' - not that I am pressuring you but I AM a LITTLE baby crazy! :)

Way to go, Kerri! I hate the nervous anticipation for test results too, BTW, but I'm glad your stress was all for naught. Congrats on the A1C!

(P.S. Golf, bleh!)

Way to go Kerri!

Oh Yay! Well on your way! Best wishes for meeting your goal Mrs. Sparling!

Great work, Mrs. Sparling!! You've worked hard and you can see the results pay off....great job!

You can do anything you set your mind to, girl!

Great job, Kerri. Congrats on the A1C.

Go, Kerri, go! Of course you can do it! I look forward to reading the "Yay! I'm under 7%" blog in April!

Congrats Kerri!

Congrats Kerri!



Rock on! And I love Disc Golf but hate the other kind too.

Go Mrs. Sparling.

Congrats on a job well done.

Congrats on the A1C Kerri!

And isn't it nice to "click" with someone??

Awesome - especially so since this A1c includes the entire holiday season!

Congrats! It's always nice to hear that lower number, isn't it?

Yay! Congratulations!!! :)

Awesomeness, Kerri!

Great job! Thank you for sharing your sucess! It is go time for us as well.

I'm happy you got good news!!! There's nothing worse than working at good control and your a1c says otherwise :0 I hope that it keeps going in that down direction for you! :)

Awesome, I'm glad it's getting better! And just so you know you're not alone, I also talk to medical professionals like they're my friends. In fact, my CDE made a note in my file to call me Harry. I told her it didn't seem right being called "Mr. Thompson" by someone only slightly older than me.

Excellent news, Mrs. Sparling!!! Thank you for sharing your news with us ... but I distressed you do not like :( Congrats and keep up the good work.

What a roller coaster. Great news. Well done, Kerri!!!!

i got my a1c back today, too and i held steady - - - even through the holidays. sigh of relief.

Oh my , I am due on Wed. Jan . 14 ( type 1 since 1983 ) and a mammogram on the 13 th ...breast cancer survivor since 1984...the VERY good news : I completed a half marathon in Disney World on Jan . 10 , fund raiser for Team Diabetes Canada and several Americans approached me in Disney World ...ADA needs to do simelar ??? I declared , that somehow I would be in touch with ADA ...a cure for ALL

I can't say golf's my thing, either. But that's great news, and good luck with your goal!


you can do it! What did I tell ya about the whole A1C test and anxiety? Thats right, you rocked it and had nothing to worry about!!!

What a great way to have a nurse treat you dear . that is awesome and I am glad you A1c is down and all is okay . I hate it when they talk to you like you are a robot and dont have any feelings it sucks frankly . that is great that you have such a positive relationship with your drs office . thanks again for a great blog .

congratulations ! :]

Congrats on your lower A-1c!

Found you through the med blog awards.

Sounds like you have terrific medical people in your life and you sound like a great patient that I am sure they enjoy and appreciate. :)

I have type II NIDDM and admittedly don't even attempt to watch it. I think I coast on knowing my fasting numbers are low but not by any great thing I do.

One of my docs told me in 2006..."You HAVE to lose weight because you don't want to go on insulin...you DON"T want to go down that road!" He said I could also reverse everything if I would just lose weight. I haven't but am beginning to get nervous about it.

I live like I don't have the disease.

I have had a-1c's around 7, usually 6.1 - 6.6 and last fall 07 5.8 (I was exercising and beginning to lose weight but stopped) and recently it was 6.1 or so.

I am going to blogroll you and start learning about these things. :)

You have a great blog and you've got my vote!

Newly married and planning a family are exciting times indeed. :)

This is my first post, I just found your blog.

I love your blog because I really relate to you. I am on MDI as I try to get my A1C down to start getting pregnant with #2. I was down from 9.1 in Nov. (I could you gasp all the way in Texas) to 8.6 in Feb. I have been working really hard since January to be under 7 and be cleared to stop preventing by May.

I am 32, type 1- LADA, on insulin since '04, diag in '96 at 19.


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