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It's a PR Friday Six.

The Friday Six:  February 6, 2009 editionIt's the Friday before my birthday (turning 30 on Sunday - holy crap!), and I'm feeling very happy today.  Here's a quick Friday Six for you before I disconnect from the ol' Internet and escape to a bed and breakfast with my husband for a long weekend!

Here we go ... 

1.  Nick Jonas has a good PR team, and they're reaching out to the blogosphere.  Nick and the folks at Bayer are selling diabetes dog tags to benefit his foundation.  According to the email I received from his agency, "The dog tags can be purchased for a donation of $5 at NicksSimpleWins.com. All orders placed before this Friday, February 6, will be delivered in time for Valentine's Day. Bayer donates a portion of the proceeds of each dog tag to the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation."  Visit NickSimpleWins for more information!

2.  On the meter front, our friends at Agamatrix have their new Jazz meter available through mail order diabetes supply companies.  Jennifer at their PR agency said, "WaveSense Jazz is available exclusively at www.diabeticcareservices.com for patients with insurance and at www.diabeticexpress.com for patients without insurance and is free with the purchase of 100 test strips or more."

3.  And on the dLife front, a whole new season of dLifeTV starts this Sunday - featuring Jim Turner (who I LOVE).  Be on the lookout this season for some familiar faces from within the dLife office - including my stupid head rambling on and on.  Tune in at 7 pm eastern on CNBC and get your fix. (Personally, this has to be my favorite clip of all time, because it includes both Adorable Jim and Cutest Old Guy on the Planet.  Beware of becoming smitten!)

4.  And if we're talking about video clips that I love, I have another favorite other than Old Guy.  This clip from the Ellen show made me cry, I laughed so hard.  Something about the blunt perspective of Gladys on the phone makes me very happy.  Also, watching people laugh makes me laugh.  And then there's this mess, from the Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin.  I can't help it - the last bit of "de burger!!" makes me laugh so hard every damn time.  Poor guy looks like he's trying so hard!

5.  In completely random news, apparently, Siah really gets around.  That annoying little piglet has gone and set up her own Facebook page -  and I can't be held responsible for anything she posts.  (Who am I kidding?  I'm like a pageant mom.)  She's aiming for world domination.

6.  And now I'm done.  I've run out of things to say.  (Except that here's a photo of what happens when you're working on a project for dLife and the IT department is left unattended at your desk for more than three minutes.  Pesky pranksters!)  Okay, now I'm really done.

I'll be offline until Tuesday morning and with very, very limited access to email over the weekend.  In the meantime, Siah will be manning the blog.  Oh.  Dear.  Lord.  See you Tuesday!


Kerri, you are such a freak. But in a good way.

Happy Birthday and have a good weekend.

Kerri-Have a fabulous time and Happy Birthday!

I am joining the Gladys Hardy fan club right now!

Happy 30th Kerri!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

I think Gladys and I could be good friends.

Happy Birthday to you! I forgot that you share the same birthday as my daughter Olivia - she will be turning four and she too has type 1 diabetes (dx 6/2007). Have a great birthday weekend!

Happy happy birthday, Kerri! Hope you and Chris have a wonderful weekend!

Happy happy birthday! My niece, who's 7, was just diagnosed in late December. Your blog gives us hope!

have a great wknd and lucky you having monday off yeah . happy b day to you too .

Have a very happy birthday Kerri and a great weekend!

I can't believe I just clicked on your cat's Facebook fan page. By the way, did you know there's a Dogbook and Catbok and even a Ferretbook within Facebook? Anyway, have a great birthday this weekend!

Happy Bithday, Kerry!

I thought that Ellen video was gonna give me another eye bleeder. Gawd that was funny!

Enjoy your time away on this special day!

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Have a great birthday, Kerri!

Happy Birthday.

Hope you had a great birthday, Kerri!

Knowledge works stole pictures from you blog to make a video insulting type 1 diabetes


Happy Birthday, and congrats on turning 30. I turned 32 on sat. Hooray Aquarians!

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