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Her Dream Assignment.

Vote for Michelle!!!As I've mentioned countless times before, I love the CWD forum folk.  They are compassionate, kind, and always doing their best to raise awareness for diabetes.

I received an email from one of my friends at CWD this morning about Michelle Rago, a CWD mom who is aiming to make a difference using her camera ... and her heart. 

Here are the details: 

"One of the longtime CWD moms, Michelle Rago, has entered a contest - a photography contest. The winner wins $50,000 to photograph her proposed subjects. Her proposal is to document people with type 1, doing both type 1 type things and their favorite things.

In her words: 'I would like to photograph children with Type 1 diabetes doing two things: 1. testing their blood sugar or injecting insulin and 2. doing their favorite thing. I would like to exhibit the photos to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes.'"

Right now, Michelle is No. 3 in the contest, behind by a good number of votes, but we can help her climb to the top!  Voting goes from March 3 - April 3, so there's time to rally the diabetes community behind Michelle and help her win and raise awareness for a cause we all care so much about.  

Go to the Name Your Dream Assignment site, register, and cast your vote for Michelle.  A win for her is a win for diabetes advocacy!     


Voted! Thanks Michelle (and thanks Kerri for alerting us)!

I'm there! Off to vote. Thanks for the heads up!

Just voted. Great idea. Thanks for the info!

THANK YOU so much Kerri for posting this. Like you, I am always awestruck by the supportiveness of the CWD folk and the amazing network Jeff Hitchcock created for us.

For those who don't know me, I have a son Trent who was diagnosed at the tender age of 4. He is now almost 13. And we adopted a baby last year. Maya is now just two. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at one month old. As it turns out, she has monogenic diabetes and, after more than a year on exogenous insulin, she is now treated with several doses of glyburide throughout the day, much in the same way that we administer insulin for Trent. (BTW, we heard about her -- a baby with Type 1 in foster care -- through our CWD contacts too!) Anyway, I have seen how much easier her life is than Trent's and how much better her control is. And, while I am thrilled for my youngest daughter to (hopefully) face an easier life, I long for a similar breakthrough (if not an out and out cure) for Trent.

I hope this photo exhibit comes to pass; and that we can show the world the stuff our children, and you adult people with Type 1 diabetes, are made of. We are a strong and brave and generous bunch!

Michelle Rago

on my way to vote now....

I hope Michelle wins. This really could change the "face" of diabetes. It is so needed.

Michelle is in 2nd place and only a few votes behind....please go vote for her! (and thank you, Kerri, for blogging about Michelle and the contest)

Thank you everyone for your support. I am now first in the voting. But a blogger in Canada said he thought there would be "more interesting" subjects than children with Type 1 diabetes. Surely he does not know our beautiful and vibrant children like I do! (I am the parent of two children with diabetes. )

I would appreciate your continued support so that we can show the naysayers. We are as interesting and varied as they come!


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