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Townie Bar Meetup.

"What are you on?"Connecting with other d-folk!

Four sets of hands fumble for their hardware.

Me:  "I'm on a 522."

Karen:  "I have the other one?  The bigger one?  722?"

Erin:  "I've got Minimed, too."

M:  "Animas ping!"  (She reaches into her shirt and pulls out a pink pump.)  "I bet you didn't even know it was in there." 

Where does the question "What are you on?" get everyone to flash their pumps, other than at a dinner with fellow diabetics? 

Last night, four of us (me, Karen, Erin, and M) met up for another Fairfield County dinner at a townie bar in western Connecticut.   Despite the fact that none of us were locals, the townies in the bar accepted us and allowed us to occupy a table for two hours and chat about pumps, pregnancy, and coffee addictions.  (Dear Waitress,  Sorry I yelled to get your attention.  I was excited.  It was coffee!  I'm sorry.)  It's nice to hang with nice people who completely understand the need to briefly bleed before eating, and who get it when your "hose" is exposed. 

It has become a comforting tradition, with the attendees fluctuating dependent on the weather, the season, people's work schedules, etc, but there's always at least a handful of us who have a few hours to spare with new friends.  Note:  Beware of stories taking a decidedly non-diabetes turn, i.e. storing lipgloss without pockets.  ;)

Are you interested in meeting up?  Are you in Fairfleld County, CT?  Email me at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com and we'll add you to the email list!


It really was so much fun to have dinner with everyone last night. Even if I did get laughed at for being far too OCD and far to picky. (Okay, laughed with, not at!!) And yes, you win the Story of the Night with the lip-gloss tale. Eeeewwww. Already looking forward to our next dinner. :)

I went to a D meetup in Nashville on Saturday (right before I wrecked my car, but that's another story). There were people there that came that we had never seen before....but they were picked out by the meter they were carrying. :P
And everyone beeps and boops and it's not weird. :D I love it.

I finally met up with my first T1 friend on Saturday. I now have a new outlook, it was so nice to meet up with some one who "gets" me

One recurring thought I've had since my diagnosis last fall is "why isn't their a diabetes camp for grown ups?" It sounds like these meet ups would serve the same purpose. Now I just need to find one in my area (St. Louis, MO)!!! :)

Let me know when you'll be in Boston again and I can meet you there :D

My favorite part of traveling for work is not the work part of it but the potential to meet up with my diabetic friends across the country!

I'm in Boston too! We should do a meet up I have no diabetic friends :(

Love "D" meetups! The immediate openness of being able to share is priceless...

D meetups are the best!!! I'm in Cara's Nashville group and we just sit around transmittin' signals and laughing until we get kicked out of wherever! I think it's so TOTALLY COOL that EVERYONE gets out their pumps and meters before we eat and I'm not the only one when I'm with this group. Cara's right... we all beep and boop and it's not weird. What is funny is to see other folks looking at all our technology and wondering what we are into!!
Mousie, beepin' with my buddies.....

p.s. we didn't talk about lipgloss on Saturday....so how DO you store lipgloss without a pocket?? Or is this too weird to mention?

D-meet ups rock! glad you all had a great time

As I don't have any D friends in the D, are there any other SUM readers in Detroit? I am one for two on approaching a another pumper and the that person was on a cruise ship!

Im in the D and have the D. Im not sure how we exchange info., but Im all for a meet up. I know of two other T1's around me. We can't be all there is...

Sounds like a great time - but the lack of pictures is totally inexcusable... :-)

It's funny the conversations that diabetics have that others don't ever even think about. Your conversation with your friends reminded me of a conversation my 3-year-old had with a new found friend that is also 3 and diabetic. They were asking each other what color their blood sugar testers were, what color pump each of them had and then they wanted to test their bs together. It was darling, and such a relief to see them both feel normal:)

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