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Oscar Meyer Does It Right.

The other night at the gym, I was thumbing through People as I cooled down on the elliptical machine.  And I came across a startling marketing attempt by Oscar Meyer that actually worked for me.

Yes, it is.

Of course they're trying to target bloggers.  (Isn't everyone?)  Of course they are using a bloggy buzzword to gain traction for their brand.  And of course, I rolled my eyes when I saw it.  But damn if I wasn't so surprised by the assertion that a sandwich could be, indeed, "blogworthy" that I felt compelled to snap a picture with my KerriBerry and actually post it.

Oscar Meyer, I wanted to slap your hand for being so blatant.  But instead, I fell into your trap.

My bologna has a first name.  And it's apparently "B-L-O-G-W-O-R-T-H-Y." 


Dang that looks good.

Great little post. And yeah Nick, it Does look good!

It worked!

those things are good, and they truly are blogworthy...lol...because they're scrumptious :)

Marketing wizardry at its finest ;P

On an unrelated note, I'm suddenly craving bacon...

How many carbs was that?

That's hilarious!

If I ate meat, it would have been even better.

all i see is your SUM logo, and i'm on the actual Sum dot com page too!

I saw that, too, and now use it in my various new media presentation decks to show how the word "blog" has crept into even the most staid form of advertising: red meat print ads :)

How funny is that?! :)

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