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A Test-In!

(I had one more quick post to write.  THEN I'm going back on vacation!) 

We're too active for a sit-in, and we aren't exactly the types (literally) who can do a hunger strike.  But a test-in?  That's something we, as people with diabetes, can and should get behind!

In just a day or two, TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes will reach the combined member total of 14,000.  Manny Hernandez and team over at these sites have organized a "test-in," where everyone with diabetes can test together at 4 pm EST on July 14th. 

If you're part of the diabetes community and you want to participate in this awareness event, here's what you can do:

  1. Test your blood sugar at 4 pm EST on July 14th.
  2. Post your reading in the thread at TuDiabetes, share your reading on Twitter using the #14KPWD hashtag, or update your Facebook status with your result and link back here
  3. Grin, knowing that the simple act of testing your blood sugar both benefits your health and increases awareness for this disease that we all live with every day.
Everyone test at 4 pm EST on July 14, 2009!

“We hope to see most readings posted at 4 pm ET on July 14. If you are a few minutes late, however, or are able to post your blood sugar reading earlier or later that day, it’s OK,” said Manny. “What really matters is that you test your blood sugar regularly. If you don’t have diabetes, just tell someone who does to test and share on July 14.”

This is so cool.  I wonder if I listen very closely if I'll hear all the lancets shunking at once.  :)


I am excited!!! All diabetics around the world poke fingers. Yeppie!

You may be able to hear the lancing sound, but just a warning: it may sound more like "le shunk" because, you know, it's Bastille day. Vive la insulin resistance!

Shunk. Shunk. Shunk. (times 14k)

It's going to be very cool!! I'm glad you guys are all in. :)

Hm... myself, my daughter, my fiancee... all at once, that oughtta be interesting.

So excited to bleed with all my D-Pals tomorrow!!

Hey, Kerri. Looks like you got some "dotties" in that photo. Happy Testing!

Oh we'll all shunk together when we shunk.....(with thanks to Tom Lehrer!)

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