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Karen is Awesome.

When Karen (from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes) was getting ready to go on her cruise, she realized she was tight on pump supplies.  But never fear - Fairfield County Dinner ladies are here!  I had some extra sets I could lend out to her, so she went on her cruise fully-stocked and ready for diabetes battle.

And because she is a sweetheart, she returned the supplies to me (and lent me some IV prep wipe for my trip to Spain) - and also presented me with a little token of thanks.

She made me a Sausage clone.  

Siah meets her Yarn Nemesis
Siah meets her Yarn Nemesis

Siah was not sure what to make of this little gray clone, but she sniffed it for a few minutes before walking away and sitting at the edge of the bed. 

Where she watched the yarn cat for any signs of aggression.

Siah stalks ... herself.
Siah stalks ... herself.

Thank you, Karen, for such a cute gift!  And if you want to check out the pattern for yourself, visit Karen's knitting blog


Oh, man I love that Coraline-Siah! Has Siah attacked it yet?

Awesomeness. Karen Rocks!!

Awww, thank YOU for the loan on the sites and for such kind words. Thank you for heading up our little Fld County Diabetes Dinner group and making it such fun. And most of all, thank you for blogging about all things diabetes - and some things not . . . like cute cats and their silly yarny clones. LOL

Hope you are having an awesome time in Spain. Ooohh, you could be dining with Ryan Renolds at this vere moment. Ssqqqeeeee

:) I like the Siah clone. :) I think Siah's jealous. And I think Karen rocks! :)

Karen is so awesome. So is Pete. I could hang out with those guys forever. Maybe she'll make a little G-Money clone for me - for when I'm missing my brother extra much. I can look at the G-Money clone and giggle.

Ohhh wow that is adorable!! Mad skillz, Karen.

That is so awesome. What a crafty pair ;)

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