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:: Headdesk ::

No way can I create a cohesive blog post this morning.  Welcome to the alphabet soup mashup that is my brain:

  • Last night's Entertainment Tonight fiasco has left the Sparlings scratching their heads.  The clip aired in some places, not in others.  (We didn't see it at our house, but my brother and several of my friends in Connecticut did see the short clip.)  Apparently, Buried was bumped due to Golden Globes coverage and the clip will be airing tonight (so we're told) on Extra and on MTV.com, but I'm not saying anything until we have confirmation from A.C Slater himself.
  • (I have tried hitting the locker with my fist to make it open, and have never succeeded.  How on earth did he do that?)
  • The D365 Project is forcing me to take photos of diabetes-related items in my life, and I'm fast realizing, again, that this isn't a struggle.  Weird mindset.
  • We leave for Sundance on Friday afternoon and I'm still not sure I have enough clothes that fit to get me through the 10 days we're there.  I hope all those fancy celebrity types are ready for my potbelly and seeing the same Target maternity shirt more than once that week.
  • "What are you doing on Saturday night?"  "Oh, we're going to see the premiere of my husband's film at Sundance."  This conversation actually happened.  And I actually laughed my ass off because my life is starting to look weirder and weirder every day.
  • As exemplified by the woman at the bookstore bathroom the other day who, while I was washing my hands at the sink, said to her five year old son, "See that lady?  She's pregnant.  And why is she pregnant?  Because a man had sex with her."  The exchange that followed was a bit curt. ("Excuse me? A man? My husband. I believe that's an important distinction to make, lady," with me drying my hands angrily on the automatic hand dryer, which is hard to do because you can't rip the paper out angrily and toss it into the trash can with conviction because there is no paper and nothing to throw out so instead I just blew hot air at her, at my hands, and stormed out of the bathroom.  Holy.  Digression.)
  • BSparl either really likes or really dislikes the movies, because when we went to see The Book of Eli last night, she was wailing away in there whenever things got too loud in the theater.  Little Miss Ebert in there, all opinionated.  Or maybe she was just bored.
  • This video makes my husband laugh.  And when he laughs, I can't help but laugh.  So we've watched it about three dozen times and now I want to go practice writing my name.  Some cookies would also be nice.
  • While I was working in our home office yesterday, I could hear the cat snoring.  From like two rooms away.  I think she needs to exercise more.
  • I'm not drinking coffee, yet my body is so amped up I feel like I'm mainlining espresso.  (Or, as Rhode Islanders say it, "ex-presso."  I love the RI accent.  Love, love, love.)
  • Wait, I have deadlines today?  I have actual work things that are due?  

:: headdesk ::


You make me laugh. :)

Hang in there. The next week or so will be fantastic.

Have fun out west. :-)

Love the cookie commercial!
Your mind is moving like mine - hyped up and bouncing from one wall to another.
Congrats on your reponse to bathroom lady! Very proud of you!
And, finally, congrats to Chris on his film! Have fun at Sundance! (I'm sure they won't mind your Target maternity wear.. just tell them you got it from Target and pronounce it with a french accent (Tarjee)hahaa!)

hahaha...that woman in the bathroom!! o. my...that could have been a Seinfeld scene. you are sooo funny :)

I can hear the wheels churning in your head all the way from Northern Virginia. :)

too-late-bathroom-comeback: "Actually, little boy, I'm pregnant because my girlfriend and I used a turkey baster and donated sperm from a man to make this baby."

I know very few people who don't pronounce "espresso" as "expresso". Heck, I think I was an adult before I remember seeing it spelled without an "x" in there!

I usually just lurk...and enjoy every moment of reading what you write, thank you very much. :)

But I had to post today because I found this on Movieline...I'm sure you have probably seen it, but just in case you hadn't...


Bring on the bidding war!

You three have fun out there.

I would bet that providers had something to do with it. The network sells ads, and then the provider (cable company, satellite, etc.) also sell ad space. Depending on how the promo was rated, it could have been bumped by certain providers. Kind of like bidding on ad rotations in Facebook or Google.

Awfully presumptuous of that bathroom woman. How does she know you didn't do IUI or IVF to conceive?

Ooh, don't get me started on people and inapproriate comments.

As for Sundance, two words: Goody Bags (a.k.a. Swag (and not the diabetes kind).

If I remember correctly, the ability to open lockers sans-combination is directly proportional to the amount of gel in your hair. Please reapply and try again. :)

you apparently do not need coffee....ever.

and yes, can't wait to hear about the swag.

and I would be completely freaking over the clothing situation, so much that I'd a) either want to stay home or b)go out and spend $2000 on a new wardrobe. B is a much more fun choice.

I don't really know too much about kids and rules and things like that, but at 5 aren't you old enough to go into the little boys room yourself anyway? I've seen that video and it makes me laugh everytime.

LOL! At the Cookie Monster clip - I also liked that one on PBS. The talking head guy is from Between the Lions - he wears "smarty pants." LOL

Best wishes for Sundance - sounds like lots of fun, at any rate!

Also - re: kids and bathrooms - NO, five is not old enough to send into (most) public restrooms alone! A trusted place, like school or church maybe, but a store or mall? No way. My five-year-old at least DOES NOT understand that there ARE bad people out there and sometimes they're waiting in bathrooms. He's way too friendly.

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