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Looking Back: Rage Bolus, Anyone?

Today, we're traveling to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.  And yes, I will be photographing and videoing the hell out of the festival, because I am so excited to see how this week plays out for my husband.  But in the meantime, as I board the plane and head off to Park City, I'm looking back to this post from October 2005, where the term "rage bolus" first appeared on SUM

(It made me laugh to read this post, because this was pre-dLife, pre-Chris and I getting married, and pre-so much stuff that's in play right now that I almost forgot that I hated my job back when I lived in RI.  And how much I still want to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop.)

*   *   *

October 10, 2005:  Bit of a rantish post here. And there's no reason for this other than to vent frustration.

Last night, after I came home from the U2 show in Boston (more on that later), I was a little bit high. Rang in at 212 mg/dl. Okay, no problem. Bolus it up, go to bed. Woke up this morning at 200 mg/dl. Hmmm, no drop in the blood sugar levels. Not to worry, though, because it's a Free Shower - no infusion set - Day due to the fact that it's time to change the infusion set. Primed and inserted a new set with good ol' Charlene. She purred (beeped?) happily and I set about dressing for work.


Arrived at work. Hungry. Devoured one of those sometimes-delicious-but-most-often-just-gritty Kashi Whole Grain Granola bars. Bolused two units to cover, in accordance with the 1:10 ratio. Worked at my boring job for about an hour before realizing that I had already visited the bathroom twice in that time. Hmmm. Not normal. Tested, revealing 281 mg/dl. Whaaaa... I corrected this morning. I bolused for the crappy snack. And now I'm higher than before? Frustrated Kerri. So I Rage Bolus*. I just crank the shit out the pump, knowing full well that I only need about two units to come back down. I lace in 3.5 units. Sit back, satisfied.

Not done yet. I test again, an hour and half later, clocking in at 286 mg/dl. Fan-freaking-tastic. Good thing all that insulin made me higher. Because that makes f-ing sense. So I Rage Bolus again, sending 2 more units coursing through, Frustrated Kerri not really giving a shit that the "active insulin" tally on my pump is enough to cover dinner at Olive Garden.

So it's noon. I've been high all morning. I just changed my infusion set this morning. And I'm angry. I do not want to pull this set only to find that it's perfectly fine and I've wasted yet another expensive pump supply.

I'm riding this out. It's Me against the D. Who will persevere? How high will Kerri allow herself to rise before she pulls the set and starts over? How much Rage Bolusing will eventually catch up with Herself before Kerri bottoms out at 44 mg/dl? How many licks does it indeed take to reach the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? If you say three, you and that f-ing owl can go screw. It at least takes 125. I'm going to find out as soon as my Rage Bolusing catches up with me and I'm Trick or Treating at people's desks here at work.

*Rage Bolusing: Taking an uncalculated amount of insulin to correct a frustrating high bloodsugar reading. Also see: Panic Eating.


How timely. I am doing this very thing as we speak. Anticipating a crashing low any moment...

So what was the outcome? I know you must remember... it was only 5 years ago. HAHA. I think most of us have done this! I certainly can relate!

I was just talking to my endo about rage bolusing last week (had done a "rage basal" that sent me down to 29 -- oops!). He laughed at the term, and commented that it must be like road rage.

I totally understand this rage bolus thing. I'm off the pump now but, when this sort of thing happens I end up giving 5-6 units at once, get my sugars down fast and finally sigh in relief that my rage can be over lol. Nice, funny post :)

It's easier to bring your bg up than it is to lower it. I mean, you can do it faster most times so rage bolusing is a common practice at least for me.

Not common but I mean, I do it now and then! Safe travels!

Been there done that! I am so stubborn that I'll use a syringe to correct a high before I'll rip a site out. So if the first couple rage boluses don't work out comes the syringe. Actually come to think of it I don't think I have ever ripped out a site. Yes, I am that stubborn.

Oh how I love this post! And the part about the owl, that cracks me up to no end.

What does it say about a mother who 'rage boluses' her daughter? I'm probably a bad, bad mom, but for the love of God, why doesn't the insulin work sometimes????

Please don't report me to Children and Youth Services.... :0)

Crack me up! When i rage bolus, i bring out the artilery, the syringe! I figure the infusion set is not deep enough to allow for absorption of all that insulin so I just stack it till i go low, then eat my way back. Thanks for sharing.

Visited with my new diabetes educator earlier this week about the continuous glucose monitor I'd been trying and introduced the term "rage bolus" (which she'd never heard before) after I learned that ALL of the weird lows I'd been experiencing were actually self-induced. I was a little embarrassed, but hey, what's a person to do? And, I got to impart a little real-life education to her. Maybe it will help someone else, like reading SUM has done for me!

I have been back and forth all week first could not get it up past 50 now can't seem to get it below 200 I mean I thought my meter was talking to me cause it said HI. I was like seriously?? HI is what you have to say? well duh!! I know it is HI I mean the peeing alot and thirst and tiredness said it all. the doc was like ohh it will pass so I said new doc!! and am finally running about 160 steady which is exceptable for now. ohh well we win some and lose some.

You blog the things that go through my brain when trying to keep my 5 year old son's blood sugars in a normal and safe range:) I laughed out loud to read this post! Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing all about the film fest!

rage bolusing...something I do all the time. When the sugars just won't come down, or god forbit, they've gotten higher cuz the insulin hasn't kicked in yet so you inject again anyway. And then spend half the night stuffing your face with sugar. Good times!

That happens to me sometimes. Diabetes can be REALLY frustrating sometimes, I've had it for nearly a decade and I'm 11.

funny coincidence that we've been doing this with Noah all weekend. It's crazy- up, up, up, then crash!

also a coincidence- we were at that same U2 concert!

I was JUST explaining the rage bolus to a group of friends at a bar last night. I might send this along.

I just found this blog while reading "Sex...With a side of Diabetes"...you have grabbed my attention and I love the way you write. Thank you for giving me a life changing view of my diabetes. I see now that I am not alone. :) Thank you.

I had the same thing happen just last week...after the insulin didn't seem to be working I started running around a conference room to make myself more sensitive to the insulin. It finally came down but my poor fingers were worn out!

My BG has been high all week and I refuse to accept that I've probably overused my infusion site...anyway, I've been rage bolusing all week and it cracks me up to see that I'm not alone in this ;) When it tells me I have 10 units on board, I laugh at it and say: Well, them another 5 can't hurt, huh?

BTW, I love your blog!

Been high all day with a new set and now I start to crash big time and so I have a panic attack and crank it right back up - yeah this is what I like! Thanks for the funny post though! God bless!

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