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Teavana - It Blooms!

With all the highs and lows that have been floating around during the course of my days, I was in search of a snacky thing that wouldn't do a damn thing to my numbers. 

And that's where my friend Batman came to the rescue.  She introduced me to this fabulous store, which housed these fabulous teas:  Teavana.  

Don't get me wrong - this crap is expensive.  Eighteen dollars for nine freaking tea balls?  

Pre-bloom tea

"But they bloom.  Wait until you see how gorgeous they are, and how fabulous they smell, when they bloom."

So I made an indulgence purchase and bought a glass tea tumbler and some peach momotaro artisan tea.  (I can't even explain what that name means, but when I mentioned it to my former coworker, she immediately knew that Momotaro was a Japanese folklore hero who apparently arrives on Earth via a giant peach.  Some old lady finds the giant peach, brings it home, and she and her husband open it up to find a little boy inside.  Since they didn't have any children of their own, of course they adopted the Peach Boy and lived happily ever after.  I was a little surprised that this tea had a back story, but I checked Wikipedia and there is indeed the story of Momotaro and the Giant Peach [nod to Roald Dahl].  Imagine that.  /digression)

In bloom

And I have to admit - the Batman was right.  This tea is lovely to brew, beautiful to look at, and both smells and tastes great.  Nice and light, and interesting enough to keep my hands from reaching for leftover Christmas cookies.  Watching it go from the tight little ball of tea into the cup of blooming distraction is something else - so I video taped it so I could show you guys.  :)

Have any of you guys tried these blooming teas?  I'm itching to give the strawberry one a try - any other recommendations?  Would love to hear them!


That is pretty cool. I have seen these at several of the tea shows here but have never tried any of the blooming ones. I think I just might have to try it just to see the cool blooming effect!

I've always wanted to try these things!

Oooh - I have one of these that I've been waiting to try! I love all things tea :)

Hello :)

I am OBSESSED with Teavana! Since I don't like diet soda, tea is all I drink. I have tried a bunch of their flavors, and spent a lot of money in that process! But I think it's worth it...it's like my little treat.

My Faves:

White tea (supposedly caffeine free):

Strawberry pariso (there's popcorn in it, but it gives it a cool flavor)

Pear Luna

Precious White Peach

Black tea:

Sour Cherry Serenade (so awesome if you like cherry)

Assam Gold Rain (Plain flavor, but really good)

Peach Cran-Tango

I like their green teas too but they are a little funky, earthy tasting, so I like it because Im weird but you might think it smells like seaweed.


The rooibos tea is really good for nighttime because it's 100% caffeine free (as long as it's not blended with another tea which they sometimes sell it like that.)

P.S. I have the same tea tumbler as you in that picture and unfortunately it spilled all over my bag this morning!!! So watch out for it leaking

wow! so how do you brew tea from the flower? I have bought tea from the store at the mall... but never brought home or purchased the blooming tea.

I use tea daily to avoid eating. except, I think it does cause my BG to go up a bit. Maybe the caffiene? hmmmm

If you read my post (http://ladadeeda.com/2009/12/kicking-caffeine/) about quitting caffeine (and caving not long after), you'll see that I totally share your opinion on this one. Teavana is the poo!

Do they have a bacon one?

There's something alien-esque about it! Hope it tastes better than it looks :0

I *heart* Teavana! I love the Fruta Bomba and the Jasmine Dragon Pearls. I haven't gotten a blooming tea yet, but now I totally want to!

Have been DYING to try Teavana for quite sometime. The flavors sound delicious and the bloom is SO PRETTY!

I say go for the Pear Luna and the Peach Crantango. They have such lyrical names - I have no doubt that they would taste amazing!

Kelly K

as an avid reader, I really like that your vlogging more! bring on the baby bump!!

i recently went to a teavana store in dallas at the galleria mall... im not a big fan of tea but my daughter is and as i always look for gifts for her i was checking it out... i loved it!! i will go back and get some teas. heres another site i was looking at for her online....
they have all kinds of stuff and i have ordered tea for her from there and it is a good quality tea. she also loved the sugar crystals... said they sweetened the tea better than reg sugar :)

Awesome video!

That is so cool. And I loved the peach story - thoughts of people floating on peaches made me remember one of my favorite childhood books, James and the Giant Peach. :)

Tea aside (great video too; am off to put the kettle on after this)I wanted to say a big thanks for your blog. My little boy was diagnosed just over a year ago with T1D and he was only two years old. I have cried so much although I am much more acceptng now. Your blog helps me a lot and I have even started my own, just family life kind of stuff but always mentioning the diabetes when it needs it. To see you blooming in your pregnancy is wonderful. I will be telling all those I know about your blog. It will be great to see if your little girl pops out with a lighter in her hand! My boy was handed to me with a woolly hat on. He looked like he'd been to a football match! He was roaring too so maybe they lost ...

Very refreshing vlog!

Ooo, that one is really cool. I love the story of the peach boy.
I have tried the jasmine blooming tea, and it's delicious; probably in my top 3 teas! The fact that it's beautiful and calming to watch as it unfolds doesn't hurt, either!

i've never tried the blooming teas, but i;m not much for the fruity stuff. my fave is mate vana, almond biscotti and some chocolate mint that i can't remember the name of ;)

i work at teavana... the peach and strawberry blooming teas are two of the most expensive in the store.
there are PLENTY of other great options that taste awesome... and green teas actually help metabolize carbs better!!

That's so cool! I also loved the song you put in the video... what is it?

Kerri - i am a huge tea fan and it is my preferred drink of choice, especially in my more recent diabetes days. I have blooming tea often be/c i love green tea. I am from Ontario, so i am sure the brands are slightly different here, but any ones with Jasmine in them are fabulous - refreshing and relaxing. I bring out my blooming tea when company comes, and it is a real crowd pleaser!
Also - very cool video work! Also again, i am a recent blog viewer, and i love your site. I was only recently diagnosed (i was 28, am now 30), and i was looking for comfort, peer support etc online and i found your site. It has provided this and much more, and i especially love your humourous side. I am also "of pregnancy mind" and i appreciate hearing your story. Thanks for the work you do.

Just a point of information, you can totally use the same ball a couple of times. It varies a little depending on the strength of the tea you were using, but usually you can get 2-3 steepings out of one flowering tea. So it isn't HORRIFICALLY expensive, though it is a bit of a splurge. Still, that's 3 cups of tea for about .66 c each.

I’ve been trying out some of the flowering tea balls (also known as blooming tea of course!), Try Jasmine flowering tea as well.

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