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Diabetes 365: Diabetes is Every Day.

There's been a handful of photographers who have tackled the Diabetes 365 project for this year, and I'm proud to be in their company.  It's a very inspiring experience, to see how diabetes is reflected in the lives of the members of D365, and how it is captured through their camera lenses.

An update on Diabetes 365

Some of us are using our DSLR cameras, some of us our point-and-shoots, some documenting with our iPhones or our Blackberries, but every last one of us is showing our lives with diabetes, every day.  I know I've talked about this project before, but watching the photos stack up in the Diabetes 365 Flickr group and seeing how, and what, people with diabetes are choosing to document their lives with this disease is incredible.

You didn't need to join the group in January - it's a rotating door of participants.  If you want to join the Diabetes 365 group, you can jump in anytime and start.  Every day can be Day 1.  


Can you participate even if you are the Mom of a child with type 1?

YES! I made it 3/4 through my year and want to complete it! I think I'll just continue where I left off, even if it began in 2007!!

Better late than never!

P.S. you amaze me with your energy and ability to stay on task and blog daily here and elsewhere and do the project and take care of baby and you and all the rest. How do you do it , woman? I want a blog post on that!
:) you rock,

I started on Jan 1 but suffered EPIC FAIL like a week later. I should start again.

Every day can be day 1. I like that. :)

I've thought about doing this, but I don't have the "fun" gadgets you have. I guess I need to remember it's about life with diabetes, not how many gadgets we have. I think I might start tomorrow since it's 10pm here right now and I'm getting tired. I'll let you know!

I've signed up today. Right now :D Will be logging it on my blog too!

I signed up a few days ago because of your blog. I've been on Flickr forever, but had no idea the group existed. Thank you. :)

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