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Looking Back on Valentine's Day: The Peanut Butter.

I am all mushy this Valentine's Day, because I am very much in love with my weird and wonderful husband, and I can't believe that in just nine short weeks, we'll be meeting our little girl.  Chris has been a supporter of mine in so many ways, both here on the blog and in the diabetes scope of things, but also behind the scenes, in ways that we share together as a family.  It's by no means perfect, but we grow and learn through each tough moment, and that's what makes it feel right.  

So since it's Sunday, and it's Valentine's Day, and since the mush-factor is running rampant around the world today anyway, I wanted to revisit a post I wrote back in 2007.  Back before we lived together, before we were engaged, and before there was ever even the hope of a child.  

Because when it comes right down to it, it's all about the peanut butter.

*   *   *

Before we moved in together, I lived alone in a very cute apartment in South County, RI.  He came over one night after work and we made a trip to the grocery store.  As we unpacked the bags, I told him I had a very strange habit once I developed a crush on someone.  It was silly and childish, yet I was still doing it.

It involved peanut butter.

“If I buy a new jar of peanut butter, I peel back the foil and use the tip of a knife to write in the name of the person I have a crush on.”

He looked at me with an amused grin. 

“You do?  Really?”

I blushed.  “Yes, I do.  I know it’s a weird habit.  But I keep doing it.” 

“Have you ever written my name?”  He poked me gently in the ribs.

“Yes.”  Face on fire now.  Why was I telling him this?  I sounded ridiculous.

We finished putting away the groceries. 

A few nights later, as I was alone in my little apartment, I reached up into the cabinet and grabbed the new jar of peanut butter.  Knife in hand, I unscrewed the lid and prepared to etch his name.  I smiled to myself at the goofiness of it all.  My name in the peanut butter.

I lifted off the lid and the knife clattered to the countertop.  I couldn’t help myself from smiling and my eyes filled with tears.

In the top of my new jar of peanut butter, he had written my name.

He inspired me to start this blog and he supports every bit of this adventure.  He moved away from home with me so I could pursue a career at dLife. (He even helps me check for typos.)  He makes me laugh every day.  And he tolerates my idiot cats.

He is my best friend and I love him dearly.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chris. 

I still write your name in the peanut butter.


I love this story. It made me cry because it's so sweet. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

That is so sweet, I have tears in my eyes. You MUST tell that story to BSparl and any and all future children!

Still cute to read :-) Have a great day!

this post made my eyes well up :) really sweet kerri, I hope you two have had a wonderful valentines day xxx

It seems the only thing that would make him a better husband is if he were a talented and accomplished screenwriter. :)

I love this post. As kids, my sister & I used to race to the new jar of PB to "ruin" it with our intials and to see who could get to it first. I still do that now and text her pictures. :) Happy Valentines Day to the Sparling family.

I absolutely love this story. My cheeks hurt from smiling so widely because of it. You are very blessed. I hope you two, plus bsparl have a wonderful day!

Awesome! Where would we be without our supporters? What a sweetie. Happy Valentines to you both.

This story has always given me hope that there is someone out there who will put up with my crap and my diabetes and all my weird, annoying habits, and still love me. I'm still looking for him, but I know he's out there somewhere. And I'm glad you have Chris. :) You guys are so sweet!

I still love this story!

i LOVE this!!!!

Beautiful post! I missed it the first time. Thanks for re-posting.

Erik and I don't have anything that cute that we do, but this has always been one of my fave posts of yours. I just think it's so cute.

It's been 3 years since you wrote this post... do you still write in the peanut butter?

This is one of my favorite stories of yours...

What a wonderful story!!! I hope the two of you had a wonderful valentine's day!

I didn't even have to reread this post because I clearly remember it - it is probably my favorite post, so cute. Hope you had a great Valentine's day :)

Awww, I love that he wrote in your peanut butter. Great story. Although the "heart on" story could have worked for Valentine's Day too. :D

*sniff sniff* So sweet!

You may see my name pop up here on these old posts. I just found your blog and am reading backwards. I just had to tell you that I loved this story! It gave me goosebumps instantly and my heart went all aflutter! Thanks for sharing!

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