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Snapshots from a Tuesday.

I'm catching up from taking yesterday off, so all that's left of my brain at 10 am is something resembling brie cheese.  Here's what's stewing about:

  • Well, of course now I want brie cheese.  Just a few more weeks until I can get my brie on.
  • And THANK YOU for the very kind birthday wishes yesterday!  You guys made my day - thank you!  :D
  • Insulin needs between me and Ms. BSparl are up to an all-time high.  I just rejiggered my basal rates yesterday, and now I'm taking 26u of basal per day and my insulin-to-carb ratio is up to 1:6.  That's a lot of insulin.  I'm burning through about 60 units a day - more than double what I was rocking before.
  • I need to get Dr. B to write me a high prescription to finish out this pregnancy, or I'll be trying to make my own insulin in the bathtub, a la moonshine.
  • Moonshine has a whole Wikipedia entry that fascinated me for about 15 minutes.  People actually make this stuff and drink it?  
  • Pregnancy dreams are starting to freak me out a little bit.  Last night, I dreamt that my old job sent me a survey, asking me to outline exactly how many freckles I had on my body, with a chart at the end of the survey describing how these freckles would affect my ability to advance in the company.  (WTF?)  And two nights ago, I dreamt that I was tasked with saving the American kitten population through breastfeeding.  These dreams are vivid.  And terrifying.  Nursing kittens? 
  • Oh shoot - that's going to bring in some dodgy Google searchers.
  • Blooming some peach blooming tea this morning.  That stuff is lovely, and will hopefully wake my ass up this morning because I am dragging.
  • Could it be from the carb-overload last night at birthday dinner?  Chris took me out to a fondue restaurant last night and we were joined by a few friends - and by bread, cheesecake, brownies, and cinnamon marshmallows.  Not to mention chocolate fondue, among other lovely things.  I may have emptied out an entire pump reservoir last night, but my blood sugars stayed wicked stable, and only peaked up to 174 mg/dl for about 30 minutes.  I'm considering that a win. 
  • Diabetes365 is still rocking on - one month completed, eleven to go - and it's starting to look more like a  pregnancy journal than a diabetes-centric exercise.  But that's what happened last time I did it:  it became a wedding exercise.  Thing is, it's about 365 days of LIFE with diabetes.  The whole "life" part is what makes it about us, not about diabetes.  
  • (That's my excuse, anyway.)
  • Oh, and the Medgadget polls are still open - if you have a chance to vote for Best Patient Blog and you wouldn't mind casting your vote for SUM, that would be OMGWTFBBQ cool.  Click here to vote!
  • This morning, I slept in a bit, but was woken up  by an insistent Sausage, who wanted to lay flat across my belly.  So I let her.  Only once she started purring, BSparl woke up and got into the action.  So my morning started colorfully, with the cat and the baby trying to respectively figure one another out.  My sleep patterns were the only casualty.
  • I'm like the walking dead today.
  • And really - what's up with this instant third trimester exhaustion?  I thought I already did this for the first three months.  Now it happens again?  (Hey pregnancy experts - can I have some caffeine now?  Just a little?  Like one cup?  PLEASE?) 
And now?  Deadlines to meet and projects to finish.  Friday is another appointment at Joslin, and I have to figure out what I need to ask them.  Because the questions are coming fast and furiously these days.  As is the baby.  Only hopefully not furiously.  But definitely FAST.


Kerri - My docs have all told me that one cup (8oz, not the big, huge coffee cup in your cupboard that you really want to use, of course) of coffee a day is "safe". I've been sticking to not having caffine as much as possible, but about every 2-3 weeks I give in and have some Diet Pepsi or something. It's a beautiful, wonderful moment that I enjoy and only feel slightly guilty about. Go have some coffee! (And happy belated birthday!)

I had a can of diet soda many of my pregnant days. Caffeine! Nutrasweet! Maybe that's why my kids turned out the way they did ;)

My insulin needs went up to 45 units a day as a basal in my 3rd trimester. I couldn't believe how much insulin I was taking, having to refill the cartridge ever day and a half, sometime 2 days, if I was lucky.

After I miscarried the first time I stayed off caffeine completely... until my 3rd trimester. Then I drank a can or 2 of diet pepsi a day. I couldn't help it. You get SO tired, and I worked straight up until 2 weeks before she was born. I'm sure you'll be fine. ;)

RE: exhaustion.....
Maybe slightly anemic? Both of my pregnancies gave me the "gift" of a little iron deficiency in the third trimester....but they're probably testing every little thing at your every little appointment. So, revel in all the sleep you can get. You'll be glad you did!

I recently dreamt about giving birth to kittens, so you know...

Debi, good to mention anemia. I had that with my last three pregnancies. Kerri, I drank an occasional diet Coke while pregnant. I don't like coffee and soda has a third the caffeine from what I've heard (but don't quote me on that). Everything in moderation!

I drank at least one, and up to 3, diet Cokes every day that I was pregnant. The big warning that I read was that caffeine cases low birth weight. My son was born at 10lbs 11oz. I wish I drank more caffeine.

Also, I think American Brie is pasteurized, so there's very little risk of whatever food poisoning they warn you about there. And if you're still nervous about it, but craving Brie, you can always bake it.

Happy Belated Birthday!


I'll be the first to sign up for your workshop on making insulin in the bathtub a la moonshine. Just tell me where and when! Haha.


I don't have much to add, but just wanted to say that after reading the post & comments, I now want to snuggle up with some kittens while drinking coffee & eating baked brie. That is all.


I am currently 33 weeks pregnant so I completely relate to the whole third trimester exhaustion thing. Over the weekend I had a big nesting episode and dusted & vaccuumed the whole house, cleaned ceiling fans, laundry AND then decided I just HAD to make a chocolate cake Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you all of that activity totally kicked my butt. I normally spread out my house cleaning a bit more than that while pregnant, but for whatever reason it all had to be done right then.

Thankfully, my husband took note and said he would do our T1 2 /12 year old's 2AM BG check two nights in a row (we take turns). So, hang in there. Our babies will be here so soon:).

For my first pregnancy I didn't do any caffeine at all, but by #'s 1 and 2 I drank a few soda's and I don't think it hurts, moderation is key. As far as being tired, I think it's your bodies way of telling you to sleep now, because for the next 18 years (maybe more if you have more kids) you won't ever get a full nights sleep! I used to be such a heavy sleeper, but now that I am mommy (my kids are 7, 5 and 2 the 5 year old is T1D) I have become such a light sleeper, always listening for their breathing, coughs, cries and sleepwalking, not to mention everyday worries that keep you up, so sleep now while you can so that you can look back and remember what it was like to sleep all night!

K. sorry I missed your birthday, I hope you had a most excellent one.

Totally get the idea of insulin a la moonshine. I need some of that myself. I am T1 still in the 1st trimester (was pregnant with twins but just lost one) my insulin needs right nwo are through the roof. Pregnancy with my daughter was smoother sailing and lower insulin needs in first trimester but by the third tri I was much higher.

It's crazy what I am already up to this time around.
The exhaustion only gets worse from here on it as you get more uncomfortable.

Good luck!!! She will be here before you know it. Happy belated birthday too!

One cup of coffee {or one can of diet coke} a day is totally fine! Drink up sister - you think you need it now, but wait until it's the screaming baby that keeps you up all night... I live for my morning cup{s} of coffee!

I prefer half-caff {and still do, since I'm bfing} though, so I can have more coffee. ;)

Particularly liked your post today.
Rest while you can. Really. Before she comes. You won't regret it!
Happy belated birthday!

I have a GREAT baked brie recipe if you want it! Happy belated birthday.

Love this post. You had me cracking up!

I did half-caf throughout all three of my pregnancies. Everything I read said 1 cup a day was okay (do you like my rhyme?). But lately I've been wondering if a cup of coffee in the morning makes my blood sugars run higher? I got to a carb ratio of 1:2 by the end of my last pregnancy, my mini-med doesn't even have that setting! Luckily I can divide by 2's okay :)

I can't believe BSparl will be here so soon! SO exciting!

I'm sure it's okay to have one caffeinated beverage maybe even every day... but chocolate has some, so maybe the fondue? I dunno, I fortunately don't like chocolate, but I do exist because of caffeine. Call the nurse at the doc's office and they'll tell you, you can have a little, and how much.... hang in there, you're doing just fine!

Happy belated birthday! I have to say I am TOTALLY impressed by the post-birthday meal blood sugars - I would definitely consider that a win!

Ha, that reminded me of the cat milking scene in Meet the Parents.

I think you can have one or two cups of coffee while pregnant. Ask your doc. I did decaf because it's the hot that gets me going, not the caffeine.

And yes, third trimester is totally exhausting. Hang in there.

I had the nursing kittens dreams too while pregnant. I wonder how common it is?

rejiggered? Hehe!

I got a kick out of Siah and BSparl trying to figure each other out. That made me smile. :-)

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