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Animas: Vlogs n' Columns.

I'm proud to be working with Animas on the Ping sponsorship, but I also wanted to share some of the editorial stuff I've been working on with the company as well.  I'm writing a few blog posts every month over at the Animas website in the "Life, Uninterrupted, with Kerri" section, and they've also convinced me to put my puffy, pregnant face in some vlogs, as well.

If you're not too busy, please pop on over and check out the features on Animas - and forgive me for including Siah in the photo montage.  (But come on ... that face?  Is one of the goofiest ones I've ever caught on camera and it makes me laugh every damn time.  ... Yes, I am always this highly professional, why do you ask? :D)


You ARE in the home stretch. Not too much longer before BSparl will be here and hopefully the puff will be gone.
Did I hear a name slip in the vlog?

No name slip. :) Unless I plan on calling my daughter "Peanut" on her birth certificate.

I'd love to watch the blog but I'm getting an error from YouTube. It's also happening on the Animas site. I'll check back in later, hopefully it's fixed soon! :-)

Oh! And as a fellow Animas pump wearer . . .Go Ping!

I thought I heard a name slip, too! Peanut would be a unique name.. :)
It's the last month and you can do it!

I caught the "Peanut" nickname too. My daughter was always, "Poodlebug" and later in life (like when I gave her away at her wedding" its use always brings tears to both of us. Treasure your Peanut. There is no greater love than that of a parent for their little girl. Now I'm crying.

Haha! The cat's will be quite jealous. Better watch out, you might have a problem on your hands akin to Lady and the Tramp with the Siamese Cats. :)

I almost daily wonder how I'm going to explain to my daughter that I need the juice box or candy and it's not a fun snack, but rather something I need. It'll be a learning process for us both - as is all parenting. :) We make it up as we go along.

You're doing great!

I realize that the vlog was taped a couple of weeks ago, but you are still carrying so beautifully! I love how you almost tear up every time you mention BSparl!

I'm sending this latest blog off to a friend who is trying to get pregnant. I think she'll love what you are saying :) I think Siah will welcome your new little one into her life - if not - I'll come over and have a talk to her !

Hi Kerri!
You look great.. I am at 16 weeks with my second and I am also type 1.
Just to answer the "is any parent ever ready?" question.. NO.. my son is 19 months old and I'm still not ready! For the first year of his life I would just look at him and think "I can't believe I am someone's mom! How did this happen!" (well I know how it happened... )
When I need a juice box, I will take a BIG sip and then leave a little sip in it and let my son have it and he drinks it and goes "mmm!" and he never really gets mad if I'm drinking it in front of him as long as I let him have some.

Don't worry... you're going to be a new mom, but your baby girl is going to be a new baby too.. she's never done this before either.. you learn together and by the time she is old enough to know the difference, she will wonder how you know so much about being a mom!

Hahahah...you said PEANUT!!! I thought you said Nina. Yeah, I can't hear apparently! I listened again and you did clearly say peanut. Sorry!

You are so beautiful.
I love living my daughter's life vicariously with you! Stay well.

Kerri, You look so pretty pregnant!!! LOL, Peanut is what we called Niya when she was in my tummy. I hope all is well.

My best girlfriend knows I don't share my food, just in case I need it later, but my niece Avery, well I just cave in and give her some and hope I have back-up. You will do the same with your little peanut!! :)

I LOVE the way your eyes light up as you're talking about Bsparl. She's one lucky baby girl. :-)

I'm excited for you both, thanks for the cute vlog.

1st - you look amazing! I think Johnny sat way higher on me - maybe that's why I looked/felt like a house, but seriously - you look awesome!
2nd - I am currently experiencing the downing the juice box because of a low and I have to hide it while I feel close to passing out. Ok, maybe not passing out, but when you are crapaliciously low. And it's hard to explain also the handful of skittles that I shove into my mouth too.
I was going to blog about the lows and hiding the candy, juice, and other sugary items from my little guy.

You're almost there!! :o) There isn't a manual - it's inside built in already and when you can't find that file on "how to get jelly bean out of nasal cavity" - that's when you call a fellow mommy with 3 boys. ;o) (I just have 1 and I grateful for just him. :o))

Good luck and praying for you guys!!

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