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Looking Back: Between Dinner and a Movie.

I didn't appreciate everything my parents did for me as I grew up with diabetes, but hindsight being 20/20, I definitely have an appreciation now for their hard work and dedication to not only my health, but keeping the family's routine as "normal" as possible.  And now that I have a child of my own, that appreciation is deeper than I thought possible. 

This post ran here last summer, and I still mean every word.  (Including the bit about the alligators in the carpet.  I know my brother and sister and I weren't the only ones who avoided them!) 

*   *   *

Saturday nights when we were very small were the best. 

We made blanket forts and used every damn cushion in the couch.  Laying pillows on the floor, we'd jump from down-filled island to island, pretending that the carpet was infested with alligators and only by balancing on the pillows would we be safe.

The babysitter always promised to make healthy dinner, but usually we ate popcorn, chicken fingers, and drank diet soda by the bottle, filling the glasses to the very brim and frantically slurping the carbonated foam awayI loved this doll.  I even pretended she had diabetes.  Which is a  bit odd. before it could spill over.

My favorite babysitters were the ones who played with us, not just sat there and talked with their boyfriends on the phone.  Carolyn was my favorite one of all and I named my Cabbage Patch doll after her that year.  She was pretty and smart and the characters she pretended to be were so clever.  She was the perfect example, to me at seven years old, of what a 'hero' really was.

My parents had a standing Saturday night "date night," and they would go out to dinner either alone or with some friends, then maybe to a movie.  Usually they left when it was still light out, while we were still outside playing in the yard or just coming in to have a snack.  My brother and sister and I played and fought and made messes and told stories and generally destroyed the house, like little kids do.

Only now, when my memory is jogged, do I remember the headlights pulling back in the driveway, between when dinner ended and the movie began. 

Dad would wait in the car while Mom ran in quickly to test me and give me my bedtime insulin injection.  Then she'd say goodnight to all of us and run back out to the car to continue "date night."

Only now do I remember those moments and wish I'd named "Carolyn" after my mother, instead.


crying on my keyboard. that needs an acronym COK.

What an awesome memory!! Hope all is well today ;)can't wait for an update!!

Ok, you got me on the last line. I am a puddle of tears. Thank you for this Kerri. (And congratulations!!)

Read about the baby on FB this morning just wanted to say congrats!!! I knew you could do it. I am so happy for you.

Congratulations mama! I am also a Type 1 Diabetic Mom and I am pregnant at 20 weeks today! I can't wait to read all of your entries! You are where I will be in 4 months! I can't wait! I know it's super tough but doable. My first pregnancy went great and I hope this one will be as well. I have a little 2 1/2 year old boy at home and (we just found out today) another boy on the way!

Check out my blog. I hope my posts will encourage others like yours does! Congrats again!

Great blog! I just started reading a few days ago. I am so glad I found it. I've been type 1 since I was 13months I'm 27 now, its all I know. I can relate to everything you talk about. Congratulations!!

Very sweet and gives me hope that maybe I can plan a date night with my husband soon, what a good idea to come home and give that bedtime shot in the middle of the date. Now if only I can figure a way to get it done, since most of the fun stuff to do on date nights is about 1/2 an hour away from our house, time to get creative!

i remember the alligators....love those bizzare memories.....congrats kerri...your gonna be a great mom and im going to be a great aunt....love you

Reminds me of when I would wake up after slumber parties and my mom (also type 1!) would arrive in time for breakfast and my morning shot - she's my hero too!

enjoy your little one!!!

Congratulation to you and your husband, enjoy your little baby girl :-)

Tearing up over here, too. Makes us moms feel good to know that kids notice those things.

Is that a hint that you've named Bsparl after your mom instead of Carolyn????

An official welcome to the new member of the Mommy club from a long time member (32 years and 5 wonderful children). Don't worry about the c-sec scar, don't worry about breast-feeding or not, don't worry about anything. Except taking a million pictures, relishing everything, taking enough time off from work, love your husband, time goes by so fast and you only get to do this first baby thing once. She'll only need four things, food, diapers, a crib of her own and love. Oh, and maybe a tiara, I'm sure she's already a princess.

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