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The Post Before the One About the Summit.

When you wake up at 5 am after spending three nights not going to bed until at least midnight and not sleeping through the night thanks to a discombobulated BSparl and you're exhausted but happy from meetings and hanging out with fellow d-bloggers and trying to race from the hotel room back to the conference rooms (because the hotel snaked through Florida for miles, it seemed) and eating both carb-counted food and then there was that chocolate dessert from the buffet and oh my goodness, does the baby seriously need to be changed again and hey did she just laugh for the first time? and I'm not sure where I left my license but I just found my hotel key in my pocket and this is the longest run-on sentence ever ... after all that, it's good that I took a few pictures, because my brain is FRIED.

Recap tomorrow, but for now, some photos from Florida:

Gretchen "So Nice" Becker, Ginger "Badass" Vieria, Kerri "Third Person" Sparling, and David "Wicked Tall" Mendosa

The official Roche Summit Photo:  The 'normal' one

Kerri (third person again?) and Dana Lewis of #hcsm and 'elephant gift' fame

This was the picture we allowed them to take.  This is the one we fought.

Scotty J, after my daughter puked herself silly on his shirt.  Poor Scott.  He's my hero, my kid is obsessed with him, and he took the vomit deposit like a CHAMP.

I have several photos I still need to scan and/or download off my phone, but for now, I miss my d-family and I need a nap!  Full update tomorrow, including the summit, the Friends for Life focus group, a lack of sleep, an excess of coffee, and BSparl's introduction to many members of her extended family.


Kerri -

Great pictures but one quick question. Is David Mendosa the tallest human on the planet or were the rest of you sitting down in the picture?

So jealous. But thank you for sharing with those of us who weren't there so that we can learn what we missed! Love the pictures :)

Wow! How wonderful to see so many of my heros and heroines all together! Look forward to hearing all about it. Hope you et some sleep!

Kerri, Hope you are having fun despite it all, and I admire you for taking the babe through it all too. I just returned last week from a Christian women writer/speakers conference and those late nights/time change, back to back meetings, everything is both exhausting and thrilling. You are one step ahead of me getting photos up though. I've been back 3 days now and they are still on the camera. Love seeing and hearing about all that you are doing. Hang in there! when your kiddo is 10 she'll love looking at these photos (And right now my 7 year old is yelling from the other room now "Mom, I want some lemonade" and we are waiting for the dishwasher repairman to come, just got home from swim lessons. How fast we have to go back into reality upon our return home. No recovery time!)

The puke is the best. What's an event without a pukin' baby?

Poor Scott! That baby vomit smell is the worst.

Oh Scott did take one for the Team Sparling, didn't he?! Wow is all I have to say, it brings back such odorous memories you wouldn't even believe it. The conference and summit look like so much fun.

So glad to see you again and to see what Team Sparling is all about. Doing a great job with that teamwork in raising the girl :).

David Mendosa is super tall! He is a tower of diabetes power (heehee)!

I Loved every second I got to snuggle with my niece. Puke and all. :-)

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