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Egg White ... Ice Cream?

Ice cream.  It's awesome.  All creamy and milky and TastyTown.  But it's fatty and carby and kind of a diabetes disaster, depending on how your body tolerates the fat/carb ratio that day. 

Which is why, when Chris told me he was making a batch of egg white ice cream, I was all "Whaaat?" and then "Bring it on."

Chris stumbled upon this recipe in a fitness magazine (can't remember which one) and he busted out the mixer the other night in efforts to give it a go.  I scoffed, because I thought it was a little nasty making ice cream out of egg whites, but then he explained that the egg whites are pasteurized, so they're safe to eat uncooked.  And then he explained that the whey protein makes the egg whites taste like chocolate.  And then he handed me a spoonful, and by golly, he was correct on all counts.  

So I wanted to share this tricky little recipe with you guys, because I was impressed that something so "Rocky" could taste so "Rocky Road."

First, you need some egg whites, chocolate whey protein, and a little sugar substitute.  And a mixer.  Definitely need a mixer, because beating the egg whites is a length process.

Pour approximately 1 1/2 cups of egg whites into a glass or metal bowl (plastic bowls keep the eggs from whipping themselves into a frenzy properly) and beat them senseless for several minutes, until the egg whites are forming soft peaks.  

Once you have those peaks going on, add approximately 2 1/2 scoops of whey protein (preferably chocolate).  The egg white will deflate considerably, so don't worry.  Just be sure to have the eggs beaten to a texture of your preference.  After the protein is thoroughly mixed with the egg whites, add your sweetener of choice.  (We used two packets of Splenda in ours.)  Put the bowl into the freezer and watch Stephen Colbert (NATION!) while you wait for the "ice cream" to freeze. 

Amazingly enough, this crazy concoction DOES become something resembling ice cream.  And it tastes good, too.  (Point: Chris.  Turns out these weigh lifting magazines have useful information in them, and not just photo shoots of this guy.)


Awesome! Thanks Chris! We'll totally give this a shot!

Looks tasty! I've never used protien powder before, but I may have to get some to try this recipe!

I have always wanted to try freezing the Whey Protein drink I have for breakfast each morning during the summer and even in the winter if my fasting is up. That stuff becomes so fluffy and creamy in my blender and I suspect that the constant blending in an ice cream maker would keep it blended until set. I don't add any sweetener to it as it's already sweet enough for me.

Thanks for the recipe. I think I'll give it a try. Do you think it's safe for pregnant women? If it's pasterized, I would think so, but uncooked egg whites...hmm???

Wow Kerri, I must admit I read that second paragraph and initially I thought "omg that's disgusting" but it really doesn't look too bad. I just might give that a try. Thanks!

Ice cream that won't make me go low for the bolus then high 3 hours later! Plus its good for a pre-lifting meal, I'm sold!

Yum! Can't wait to try this!

While we're throwing around d-friendly ice cream recipes, I've got to post this link for ice cream made only of BANANAS! It works and it is AWESOME:

I wonder how this would fare in my Snoopy Sno-cone machine?

Hmmm . . . interesting. I wonder if you could mix in some (cold) espresso too and make kind of a mocha thing?? Because, you know, coffee makes anything even better. :)

Needs Kahlua.

Crap I bet throwing in a spoon full of Nutella sort of ruins the whole idea here.

Still, that looks awesome.

That guy is seriously scary looking.

Quick question: how many carbs? how did you BGs fare after eating this?

It looks like an (original) Frosty to me... which means I might just have to try knowing there's better stuff in it than Wendy's would put in!

im glad this taste ok, because it sure dosent sound like it would be good ;-p


Kerri, you will be receiving a bill for my therapy resulting from seeing the picture of that guy. Zombies are awesome, but that guy will give me nightmares!

Anyone else try to recipe? Is it actually good, or just "it's better for me and acceptable as a chocolate snack but not something I'd put forth the effort to make again" good? (wondering as a person without diabetes, but one always trying to drop a few pounds)

PS. Were you eating that with one of BSparl's spoons?!?!?

Oh you know what's delicious - I make this mango smoothie that's super thick, so it's like eating partially melted sorbet. I soak raw almonds, then blend them with water (1 cup almonds, 3 cups water). Strain the liquid out, and blend that with frozen mango and some fresh dates. It's seriously incredibly good! (And this is coming from a huge ice cream fanatic!)

Wow, this is great I've never seen a recipe like this before d, I'll definitely give this a shot. Thanks a lot. :) Best regards.

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