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The Friday Six: Incessant Ramblings Edition.

Friday Six!  Because the cold I am coming down with is taking me prisoner and my brain is fried and I'm trying to figure out how to not pass this cold onto the baby.  Also, I like run-on sentences. Onward!

1.  The ePatient 2010 conference is taking place in Philadelphia next week, and I'm happy to be joining one of the panels as a guest.  Any Philly locals around on Tuesday night for a meet-up?  Let me know in the comments or by email and hopefully we can set something up!  (Note:  I love Philly.  I love Rocky, therefore loving Philly is a must.)

2.  Here's a photo from a Toronto film exhibit that I forgot to upload:

I'm melting ... meeeeeeeelting...

That's one badass melted Vader.  End of item No. 2.

3.  The editorial team at BlogHer asked me to contribute a guest post about the great, elusive "cure" of any kind of diabetes.  And I was happy to oblige, with "There is No Cure for Diabetes."  If you have a chance to skip over to BlogHer and check the post out, that would be awesome.  (And yay for Drew Carey for dropping the pounds.  Now he and Halle Berry can have ice cream sundaes together at night and talk about the great uncured.)

3.5.  I like this ALOT.  A lot.  (If you haven't visited Hyperbole and a Half, you're totally missing out on some of the oddest, most frantically amusing internet cartoons I've ever stumbled upon.)  And, just for the record, I love that an ALOT looks like a VW bus shaped wooly mammoth.

4.   The idea is simple.  "As diabetics we spend a lot of time at the doctors. For the next year, let's all take a picture of our waiting rooms every time we have a diabetes related appointment. So take a picture (at your own risk), post the date, and whatever else you want to share about the picture and let's see just how much time is spent Waiting With Diabetes."  George and Sara have a new group on Flickr called "Waiting with Diabetes," and the concept is just that - photos of waiting rooms.  (And am I the only one who is convinced one of the members will end up photographing another member of the diabetes community without realizing it?  ;) )

The Friday Six:  September 24, 2010 edition

5.  And now that BSparl is older and more mobile, I'm looking to find a few good diabetes support buddies that are local to me.  (Like the Fairfield County Dinner Ladies whoI miss terribly!)  If Providence, RI is driving distance for you and a monthly meeting sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, drop me a note!  We're looking to start in October, and the more the merrier!  (And if you already responded on Facebook, I've got an email out to you today!) 

6.  Today is Friday.  Friday the 24th.  Of September.  Which means that the limited release of Buried is tonight, and that the nationwide release on October 8th is only two weeks away.  That, to me, is pretty damn exciting.  And because I am a very proud screenwriter's wife, I wanted to share a few links to some press bits I've really enjoyed:

Roger Ebert's review of Buried.
Chris guest blogs on MTV.
USA Today writes up a review of Buried.
Ryan on Leno.
The Huffington Post reviews Buried.
Access Hollywood reviews Buried.
Vanity Fair calls Buried One of the Best Films of the Year.

Proud = me.

And with that, I'm off to blow my nose and store vitamin C tablets in my cheeks like a squirrel.

(Note:  This edition of Friday Six has seven items.  Because I'm spaceshot.  Game over until Monday - I'm going back to bed.)


I'm a Philly person! I would love to be a part of a meet-up...only thing is I have a friend in town that night. Still, if a meet-up happens, I would love to at least stop by and say hi!

YAY Philly! (okay, the only time I'm happy about living here is when you visit, haha) I'm down for a meet-up! :)

YES I would love a monthly meetup in Providence! (I live in Providence and Boston, I'm a 30-year Type 1 veteran and working violinist, and I read DOC blogs daily but haven't gotten it together to start my own yet...) Count me in. Yay!

buried opened in ireland two days ago but i am too much of a wimp tp go see it alone. sorry

Yippee! Kerri's coming back to Philly! We should definitely plan a meet up - at which it won't be ten thousand degrees in the bar and a famous musician will not have passed away that day... :-)

Count me in! just let me know where and when!

The Blog Her article is fantastic. Hallie and Drew need to think before they speak...the damage is too great for all of us and our loved ones dealing with "d".

PS Hyperbole and a Half is the BEST.

Have a great w/e

Great reviews for Buried -- planning to check it out.


Buried is not showing near me early :((


NPR had a really nice review of Buried too!

A monthly meetup in Providence sounds terrific!

I would be up for meeting in Providence. Live in MA, T1 for 18 years and an RN CDE. Hubby is fighting overseas so I am at the mercy of babysitters but would love to know when it would be and I will make it if I can! Always looking for new diabetes buddies!

Yes! Philly! Fantastic. Just let me know the when and where!

Our local paper gave Buried 4 stars... out of 4. Bill Ingraham reviewing it LOVED it!! YAY Sparling family!!

Yeah for Buried - I saw a poster here in town for it and totally screamed in my car... and you are coming to Philly? Alas, I am not a T1 but a mom to one, and 8 year olds aren't allowed in bars last time I checked :0) I would love to have her meet you some day hon...

Hiya!!! I'm a Philly person and would love to meet up!!!! Keep me posted!!!!!

I responded about the meetup on FB, but didn't get an e-mail about it yet. You know I'm totally down, though, even if I do have to pack a lunch to travel to Providence lol.

My husband and son are looking forward to seeing Buried. I, on the other hand, get panic attacks just watching the preview. It's just too much for my claustrophobia. Taylor, my 16 yo T1 son, thinks its cool that I "know" you and hour husband wrote it. Cool points with your teen is always a good thing. Thanks.

Kerri - the JDRF office is starting a "group" for adults living with type 1! They are all meeting at Joe's American Bar & Grill in Providence on October 14th. Give me a call in the office if you'd like more information!

Loved the Blogher article Kerri! Great work!

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