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The Inside Track.

Today's post is an interview with a screenwriter who lives in my house.  He wrote the film Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Rodrigo Cortes.  His name is Chris Sparling, and he has some thoughts he'd like to share with our fabulous diabetes community.

*   *   *

In theaters October 8thKerri:  Hi, Chris.  Welcome ... to our home.

Chris:  Thank you for having me.  (He grins, tolerating my ridiculous questions.)

Kerri:  So Buried came out in limited release on September 24th, and it's been expanding into more theaters ever since. 

Chris:  Yes, it's a very expansive film.  (He smiles again.  Ruefully this time.)

Kerri:  The full release is October 8th, right? 

Chris:  Yeah.  It's going a little wider this weekend, but there are still some theaters that won't be getting the film until after October 8th. 

Kerri:  How do you feel about the finished product?

Chris:  I couldn't be happier.  I saw it for the first time back at Sundance and, like everyone in the crowd, I just marveled at what Rodrigo had done with my script, and the incredible performance that Ryan turned in.

Kerri:  So what has the response to the film been like?

Chris:  We couldn't have asked for much better from the critics.  I think right now it's at 87% 'fresh' on Rotten Tomatoes and Roger Ebert gave it 3 1/2 out of four stars

Kerri:  What about "real people."  Like actual people going to the movies?

Chris:  For the most part, they're enjoying the film, too.  It seems that if people aren't liking the film, they went into it thinking it's something that it's not.

Kerri:  Like a cartoon?

Chris:  No, they definitely knew it wasn't a cartoon.  But I think some people thought it was a horror film.

Kerri:  Guy in a coffin kind of sounds like that, doesn't it?

Chris:  In 99 out of a 100 films, that would be the case.  It would be a horror film.  But that's what makes Buried different.  Even though it's a horrific situation that the main character is faced with, it's not a horror film:  it's a dramatic thriller.  It's not about torture, and you're not going to be scared by this movie - unless you're severely claustrophobic.  Buried is an intense, movie-going experience - and a lot of people have been surprised by the amount of drama and social commentary in the movie.

Kerri:  Wow.  That's a serious answer.  Have you been practicing that?

Chris:  No, I think scripts are over-rated.

Kerri:  Hang on, let me get my rimshot.  Okay, so did you know that the whole diabetes community has been rallied behind you and your movie?

Chris:  Yes, I have.  And I've been so incredibly grateful for that support.  

Kerri:  Did you know that George and Scott went to see your movie the other day together?

Chris:  Yeah, those guys are awesome.  I've had the pleasure of meeting both of them and I can see why they're such rockstars in the diabetes community.  They're genuinely kind human beings.

Kerri:  And Scott didn't even get mad when the baby puked on him at CWD.

Chris:  I still owe him one for that.  

Kerri:  So overall, you've had the critics giving high marks to Buried, but you've also had a whole pile of people with diabetes who've had your back.  We've been following and supporting your journey since it was announced last year, and I'm telling you, the theaters that are screening Buried better have plenty of juice on hand because their seats are packed with insulin-pumping PWDs. 

Chris:  All I can say is thank you.  That's what I've always found amazing about the diabetes community, is that it's not just about the people who are living with diabetes, but the people who love them, too.  And that's the way it should be, because at the end of the day, we're all in this together.

Kerri:  (mimes violin playing on her shoulder)

Chris:  Kerri, I'm serious.

Kerri:  I know.  I'm just so proud of you, and I know our daughter, our friends and family, and the whole diabetes community is proud of you, too.

Chris:  Thanks.

Kerri:  And Siah is also proud of you, you know.

Chris:  I can't stand that cat.

*   *   *

Buried opens nationwide on October 8th.  You can like it on Facebook, or on Rotten Tomatoes, or on IMDB.  If you'd like.  And, as always, thank you guys for all of your support.  It means the world to me and my family.


Oh my gosh. I smiled the whole way though and then burst out laughing at the last line!!!!!! I'm still laughing!

Loved this! I can imagine how very "serious" this interview was. (Also, is this Chris' first debut on your blog?!) =)

I noticed that we're not getting "Buried" this weekend yet. =( I keep watching our theaters, but no date in sight when we'll get it.

Great interview, Mr. Sparling. I paid particular attention to "you're not going to be scared by this movie - unless you're severely claustrophobic". Yikes, I'm prepared to be very scared by this movie, but I'll be strong. Heck, if I can stick those huge CGM needles in my body, I can certainly make it through 90 minutes of extreme claustrophobia. (I don't suppose there's any chance Ryan wiggles out of his shirt in the coffin? Because that would totally distract me from the claustrophobia . . . )

I was scared it would be horror. I hater horror.

It was intense suspense. It was brilliant in messing with the minds of me as a member of the audiance and us as an audiance.

Part of that is how invested I was in the story. Part was the commentary. I when I thought about one the other found it way into the box with Ryan.

It shot well. I has great direction and brilliant writing. But then I didn't get barfed on at FFL so I don't have a chip on my shoulder.

Go see it this weekend.

Can't wait to see it...and just love your man. So cool how he thanked the "d" community and those of us that love a PWD. Rock on CHRIS!!!

Wow.....how'd you score THAT interview!?!? :) Mike & I are on a mad search to find a local theater picking up the movie tomorrow, but no luck so far. At the very least, we'll head up north next weekend and stop in every city with a theater to find it. :)

What a great interview and a great hubby! The last line made me laugh out loud. When I can get a babysitter for my hoodlums, I am so there at Buried - can't wait to see it!

I went to see it the other night...all the way across the Atlantic in Ireland!!

Very intense experience, it was nice to be able to move after watching it!!

"Scripts are overrated." Classic! ;-)

This was awesome!

Buried was so dang intense that I was literally exhausted by the time it was over. And I was fascinated by how I could be run through the emotional wringer while never leaving that little box.

I was so glad to have been able to see it with George. I think that made it an extra special event for us both.

Great movie Chris! Kerri, BSparkle (heehee), and Siah, thank you for tolerating prop planes and supporting Chris through all of the hard work!

I am so excited to go see his movie!!!

I enjoyed this interview. Since there were no photos/videos associated, I'm just going to go ahead and assume that Chris jumped on your couch like Tom Cruise whiel yelling "I love this cat!"

Can't wait to see the movie. It might be our first date night away from the baby. :)

I will be sure to go and see it - congrats on an amazing accomplishment!

You made me laugh. :) Honestly, I'd go see it...but I think I'd freak out too much. But know that I'm telling everyone else (except my claustrophobic mother) that THEY need to go see it. :)

When I saw an article about the movie in our paper, my fist thought was to tell my husband that I know the wife of the film writer. And then I thought. I don't really know her. I just feel like I do.

All Hollywood interviews should be like this.

And I appreciated his sentiment about Siah. If I were to interview Jason - not that I would because him talking about servers and email would be the lamest interview ever - and we had an exchange about Darwin, my dear iguana, it would end like that too.

Kerri, I was going to link you to the instant rimshot website, but google tells me there was malicious software there, so F that noise. Instead, please enjoy sad trombone: http://sadtrombone.com/

Surprisingly, Buried is actually opening in my town this weekend. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the interview. :)

Congrats on the movie. I am so looking forward to seeing it when it comes to town.

Chris, I do have a question for you... Now that Buried is out what is your next project? Another script?

Also, I have followed Kerri's blog for about two years now. She has made a great impact on our Diabetes Community. Do you think she will write a book about life with Diabetes?

The two movies on my weekend list is Buried and that Facebook movie.

we ARE proud of him, Kerri!...you're absolutely right! so thrilled for such great success for your family! and...can't wait to read, see and /or hear your future post: "From the Red Carpet!"
i'm gonna make husband take me out for a movie date nite soon!!

Go Team Sparling! Ya'll are awesome.

Great interview and great comment:

And that's the way it should be, because at the end of the day, we're all in this together.

It's opening this weekend in New Zealand! WOOT WOOT!!

I love how honked up I was after watching this movie. It was fantastic.

What blew me away was some of the cinematography. It was great.

Seeing it with Scott just made sense you know? You know! :)

l will be seeing it again soon.

I can't wait to see the film! I never get to the movie theater but I will make it there for this one! Great interview! :)

I was sitting at the airport with my mom the other day. She was flipping through the paper and came across an article on Buried. "OOh this looks really good" she commented, to which I very casually replied, "oh, Buried? Yah I know the writer." She was impressed.

I went to see Buried last Saturday.. took my mum and my grandparents. (: I'm in the UK, so I thought it'd come out later over here but I think it started showing on like the 27th September..

Anyway, we all loved it. I didn't know what to expect, because it probably wasn't the type of thing I'd normally go see, but it was great. I got particularly excited when Chris's name came up on the beginning credits. :D

I saw Ryan Reynolds and the director of Buried being inteviewed on E! entertainment. I can't wait to see the movie! SO excited for all of you!

I'd really like to say that I support your hubby, too . . . but being buried alive is one of the "situations" in "life" (quotes, 'cause I know that it probably won't actually happen to me) that freaks me the frak out, and I just can't do it. I wish the movie much continued success, but I see the nightmares getting WORSE if I see the movie, not better, so I'm gonna hafta pass. . . :O)

I'm a random lurker here, from the other part of the world (Argentina :)
I don't have D, but I came across your blog and kept reading,
I think you're a great inspiration to anyone

Today I saw buried and I loved it.

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