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Diabetes Gets All Social.

ReadWriteWeb.  Okay?  Okay!"Social media in the diabetes sphere is exploding, and patients are actually using online venues as one of their first lines of defense after diagnosis - and even years after their initial diagnosis. Logging online hours is becoming as important as getting in to see your endocrinologist these days."

- The Social Method for Diabetes Care

As a community of people with diabetes, we definitely know that diabetes is more than checking in with our doctor for seven minutes every few months.  But we want the general population to know that diabetes isn't an easy-peasy fun diseasey (sorry - that was horrendous, but if it rhymes, I'm easily suckered in), and that we still very much deserve research and advancements in disease management.  I'm happy to be hopefully helping to burst the diabetes bubble at least a little bit this morning by guest posting on the widely-read technology blog ReadWriteWeb, with shout-outs to Karen, Scott, George, Diabetes Daily, and TuDiabetes

If you have a chance to check out The Social Method for Diabetes Care, I'd really appreciate it!  It's still Diabetes Month, and we're still doing our best to educate the public about diabetes, one click at a time.


I checked out, The Social Method for Diabetes Care, great information. Also thanks for the other sites you linked your readers to so they can get more help and encouagement.
PS--In two weeks I will receive my 50 year medal from Joslin.

I can't believe you didn't mention the Children with Diabetes website! CWD was created by a father whose daughter was diagnosed at the age of 2 and is a great networking place for parents of children diagnosed with diabetes. I joined the CWD mailing list shortly after my daughter was diagnosed seven years ago and it was a lifeline! We couldn't have survived without it! There are now forums, conferences, and networking tools available there as well as school resources and more. Any parent of a child with diabetes should check it out. You can find tremendous support there.

Jack - Congrats on 50 yrs!!

JustJenny - The CWD website is awesome - I've been a big fan of Jeff and his team's incredible work for years! (I'll be at both the Marco Island and the Orlando conferences for 2011 - can't wait!) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to mention every awesome resource that's available online - the article would have gone on forever! You can absolutely leave a link to CWD in the comments on RWW, if you'd like. The more resources listed, the merrier!

Thank you for helping spread some knowledge outside of the diabetes online community.

Hopefully we can start reaching more and more people living with diabetes who are not already connected, and also educate people not living with diabetes.

Yay, Kerri!!!! We absolutely need to keep pushing and working to educate the general public about what diabetes is - and also what it isn't. Anyone who wonders why I feel so strongly about this should check out the comments section of your post on Read Write Web. The person who stated "wrong diet is the cause of this man-made self-inflicted disease" shows me just how big a job it will be to teach the public what diabetes really is. A statement like that one just makes me sick and I, for one, am ready to start setting the record straight.

Thanks Kerri! I didn't mean to be a pest about it!I feel really bad for that Mom who posted about her toddler who was just diagnosed, and I hope she checks back so she sees that there are resources available that can help her through all of the stages with her cwd. My daughter was diagnosed at age 2 and www.childrenwithdiabetes.com was such a safety net for us! I appreciate all that they do. Thank you for keeping us current on all of the resources available!

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