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Sunday Snapshots: BAM! POW!


There's nothing more fun than playing BatMom and BatGirl. (And yes, that's a burp cloth as a cape.  What?  BAM!  POW!  WALDORF!  STATLER!)


Adorable. She is such a happy smiley baby. Can't wait to play with her!

OMG! B-Sparl is a cutie pie. Btw,BAT MOM...hahaha

Kerri, looks like you're having a blast being a mom. What a sweetheart BSparl is! Happy Thanksgiving.

So cute!!!

She is so cute! That smile is killer.

What an absolutely darling child she is!

This picture is WAY too cute!

such a cutie, omg!!!

You two could not possibly be any cuter!!! And clearly you are having a blast. :)

Adorable...x2!!! :)

Very cute!! And is that Abby I see in the background??!

I love this picture! It makes ME smile too. Yay! Batgirls forever!

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