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The Year In Review Part Deux: 2010.

A look back at 2010, through bloggy bits and pieces:

January started with resolutions and the beginnings of second trimester insulin resistance ... and guilt.  I spent some time comparing BSparl's ultrasound pictures to the Buried poster, and I wrote extensively about the guilt and moodiness that came along with building that little baby.   (But she did end up kicking that hippo's ass, so she was doing okay in there.)  Chris and I braved Babies R Us and registered for all the baby crap we had no idea how to use, and then we were off to the Sundance Film Festival for the premiere of Chris's film, Buried.

February brought some frustration, by way of Oprah and her missed chance.  But it also brought a lovely gift for a diabetic mommy, and the announcement of partnership I was really excited about:  Animas.  Chris and I spent a lot of time trekking back and forth to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Diabetes and Pregnancy clinic to spy on the Baby Sparling, and I grappled with some of the non-unicorn realities of a diabetic pregnancy.  The good, bad, and eh of pregnancy was disclosed, Nutella was consumed

March had me beginning to interview pediatricians, and answering questions about what life was like growing up with diabetes.  (March also had me accused of being a Spanking instead of a Sparling.  Whatever.)  And then Le Puff set in, which was just the beginning of a very scary month, as the symptoms of pre-eclampsia started setting in, one by one.  After debating the issue of disclosure as it relates to my daughter, my cats ended up showcasing their proper work attire.   As the month wore on, I ended up spending a few long hours in the emergency room due to a wicked headache, and then ultimately had to pee in a hat to check for protein spillage in my urine.  I had my baby shower, and just a few days later, I was hospitalized on bed rest with pre-eclampsia.  (Bed rest sucked.  It was not restful.  I was bored out of my mind and jabbed with heparin injections.)  But my daughter's c-section arrival was scheduled, and I just needed to wait a few more weeks.  

April?  Oh, for the first part of April, I freaking lost my mind.  I was sick of the doctors.  I was so lonely in the hospital.  I tried to communicate with the outside world by sticking signs to my hospital room windows.  It was a rotten experience.  But as my daughter's birthday drew closer, plans for my c-section were put into place.  The night before she was born, I panicked.  But the morning of her birth, she came into the world with strong lungs and a strong heart, and she made my heart complete.  The surgery went well and the little bird flew onto the scene with flying colors.  And then Chris and I had to learn how to be parents.  Holy crap.

May was a whirlwind of breastfeeding, burping, sleepless nights, and frequent panic attacks as Chris and I tried to make sense of this gorgeous little baby critter in our lives.  SUM turned five, but I didn't have time to notice because I'm pretty sure I was wiping spit up off my collar bone.  Thanks to the wonderful generosity of guest posters, I was able to have a few weeks to get used to motherhood, and then I was able to recount the impact of diabetes on my daughter's arrival in detail, including the c-section recovery and my TMI posts about breastfeeding.  Life as a new mom with diabetes was chaos, but I loved it.  (I still do.)  Aside from the baby stuff, I participated in Diabetes Blog Week,  wrote about crabs (spellcheck!), and celebrated my second wedding anniversary with Chris.  But it wasn't all harmony and new mommy and baby vlogging in our household - the cats weren't exactly thrilled with the arrival of Ms. BSparl.  And I still needed to learn to put my own oxygen mask on first.

June introduced the Animas Pump Triathalon, which I did the intro video for (while four months pregnant and shoved into a little, red wagon).  Chris and I also began to prepare (at least mentally) to bring BSparl on her first plane ride.  And I happened to stumble upon a very nasty way to treat lows, in addition to spying some nasty PR emails once again.  I learned to let BSparl cry while I treated a low, and I wrote her a letter to mark her second month birthday.  But most importantly, I learned about eating unicorns for breakfast.

July was the second annual Roche Summit and the Children With Diabetes "Friends for Life" conference, where the whole Sparling crew (all three of us!) ventured down to Florida for our first family plane ride.  Later in the month, I was lucky enough to visit Clara Barton Camp to hang out with the staff there (and they sang songs and wore galoshes).  BSparl turned three months old, I entertained the idea of more babies, and I honestly had The Thought for the very first time since her birth.  (I also used a "your mom" retort accurately for the first time.)  But being three months out from BSparl's birth, my diabetes needed to realign some accountability.  I was spilling ketones, for crying out loud.  Not great.

August is when things started to get ridiculous.  My best friend and I made a laughable attempt to bring our daughters to the beach, Johnson & Johnson visited our home for a video on BSparl's arrival, and the Birdy and I were featured in a Diabetes Forecast series on diabetes and pregnancy.  Chris and I made our first trip away overnight without BSparl to attend Night's 40th birthday.  My pancake turned four months old, and I ate egg white ice cream (not to celebrate, but in the same week, so it seemed like a reasonable grouping of items).  I admitted to being a precision carb guesser, and also picked hope as a better motivator than fear.  And then Chris and I decided it was a good idea to buy a house, so we added that chaos to the mix.  (Sleep?  We don't need no stinkin' sleep!)

September.  Seriously?  Already?  We moved into our new place and then immediately up and traveled to Bar Harbor for the weekend.  (We are not bright.)  I marked my 24th year with type 1 diabetes by attending the TCOYD conference in Providence, RI and hanging out with some of my favorite PWDs.  The Bird turned five months old, and Chris and I traveled by teeny plane to Toronto, Canada for the Toronto Film Festival, where Buried was playing.  Oh, and I got to meet some great PWDs in the Philly area after the ePatient 2010 event!  (I also stopped breast feeding this month, which is TMI but hey, isn't all of this TMI?)

October had me finally joining a gym, bolusing for artsy-fartsy foods, and thinking about the one thing related to diabetes that I would opt to change.  I had a chance to interview screenwriter and husband Chris Sparling, and BSparl and Chris and I went apple picking in the New England sunshine.  In the land of blogginess, I shared my family's decision to go gluten-free with BSparl for 12 months, and in the land of BlogWorld-iness, I had a chance to meet up with some d-bloggers in Las Vegas at the BlogWorldExpo conference and at the Socialpalooza in Boston for WEGO Health.  Also in October, we, as a community, lost another soul without warning, and the community mourned and healed with one another.  And BSparl turned six months old

November suckered me into the NaBloPoMo thing again, and the month started with a recap of BSparl's first Walk to Cure Diabetes (in her Halloween costume, of course).  Doctor's appointments dominated the month, from my first physical therapy visit to the confirmation of moderate non-proliferative retinopathy in my eyes due to the pregnancy.  November 9th brought on D-Blog Day once more, and we all shared six things we wished people knew about diabetes, and World Diabetes Day had a group of us in NYC to visit the Discovery of Insulin exhibit.  I also was honored to participate in the JDRF's first Type 1 Talk event in NYCMarcel the (Diabetic) Shell also visited my blog (and I'm still giggling at that video), and the kidlet turned seven months old.  I finally (after a very long time looking for the right person) added an editorial assistant to the team here, adding to my list of things I'm thankful for.   Hand turkeys reigned supreme on Thanksgiving morning, and the month ended with Special Sib of a D-Kid Day

December finally brought closure to a month-long plague I'd been nursing and gave rise to the Christmas pizza of ancient lore.  Abby (the Person) helped me bridge some mental gaps between kids with diabetes and adults, and I grappled with the myth of Santabetes.  A bit of BSparl's baby book was shared, and our Little Bird turned eight months old.  I got tangled in tubing, dealt with the wrong order, and learned about cookies ... made with poison.  And towards the end of this month, I had to share my A1C with the group, hoping that people would understand my need to be an honest advocate, not just a vocal one. 

This year has been one I will remember, always.  I've always dreamed of becoming a mother, and 2010 gave me the greatest gift I have ever known or will ever know:  my daughter.  Diabetes picks at my heart sometimes, and gets into my head, but I have achieved the goal I've dreamed of for years.  And as my husband and I celebrate the closing of 2010 and look forward to 2011, we do so in the company of good friends, good times, and the happiest little bird I've ever had the pleasure of loving.

BSparl and her momma in Marco Island, FL.

May 2011 be one of change, inspiration, and success for each and every one of us!  And when times are tougher, may be we lean on one another for support and rejuvenation.   Happy New Year to you all, and I appreciate you being such a huge part of my health, both physically and emotionally.

Much love - Kerri.


Beautiful Kerri

Happy new year to the Sparling family =]

What a year for your little family. :)

Happy New Year to all the Sparlings. Including those darn cats.

Happy New Year, Sparlings. *hugs*

That photo is priceless!

Happy New Year to you and yours Kerri. Thanks for inspiring us all.

You have had quite a year . . . . but I suppose you already knew that. LOL Happy New Year to you, my friend. I wish awesome things for you, Chris and BSparl in 2011!

Happiest of new years to you, my friend, though topping 2010 is going to be hard! With all of your giving back to this community and your hubby & baby, I know you will. :) Mike & I are both so happy that we got to count meeting you all on our 2010 list of "yay!" moments.

Happy New Year Kerri! You have the sweetest baby alive! I still want to eat her cheeks, I am sorry about that. Thank YOU for all that you do for PWD and their caregivers. Here's to a grand 2011!

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