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Writer's Block.

Bullet points are as good as it's getting this morning:

  • I have writer's block.  It hurts and it's giving me a headache.  I have officially run out of stuff to say.
  • Or not, because as I sit here typing this, I'm watching Siah skate across the living room floor, chasing madly after a rogue test strip.  One Touch, you make the best cat toys.
  • I'm also watching BSparl destroy a banana slice.  Her face is a sunny mess of banana mush.  Is everything in my house destructive?
  • Our Christmas tree is up and twinkling with white lights.  But it's not a real tree - we went with a falsie this year.  Why?  Well, BSparl is going to start crawling in the next few weeks, and I don't want her scooting over to the tree for a pine needle snack.  As it stands already (about seven feet tall - ha?), the cats are making out with the ornaments and the branches as often as they can.  I don't want my daughter getting herself all pine fresh, too.  So fake tree is where it's at this year.  (Thank you, Target, for making a tree easy enough for Team Sparling to put together without having to read the instruction manual.  A first!)
  • Our Christmas cards are also on their way from TinyPrints (they did BSparl's birth announcements, too - I like their work).  This is the first time we've done a photo card for the holidays.  I'm excited to send out our fat little Santa Baby to our friends and family. 
  • When I work out, I swear I am sweating out coffee.  This is not good. I need to hydrate with something other than the magical yum of coffee.
  • Abby the Person is working on the SUM blogroll these days, and I know I'm more than a year behind in updating the list.  If you have sent me your blog and I still haven't added it, can you please email your URL to abby (at) sixuntilme (dot) com?  She's far more efficient than I am, and with her help, I'm hoping to bring the blogroll back up to some kind of recognizable form.  
  • If I have to watch one more episode of Caillou, I am seriously going to reach into the television and slap the whine out of that kid.  I'm a patient, kind mommy to real children, but I'll beat up your animated kid without blinking.  
  • When the Dexcom BEEEEEEP!s at me, I've started yelling back at it.  "BEEEEEEP! to you, jerkface!"  (But then I test, and usually bolus or eat, depending on the side of the spectrum I'm on.)
  • The blood sugar average on my meter is creeping back up to 160 mg/dl.  I haven't been able to get to my gym in over a week.  I'm beyond frustrated with the state of my health these days.  Diabetes burnout?  Yup - I'm in it with burnout to spare.
  • On a conference call recently, someone asked me how many kids I have.  And I said "One, for now."  And then I laughed for like ten minutes because seriously, how the hell did that "for now" slip in there? 
  • And we're on the hunt for a car bigger than my hot little Honda Civic.  Because when it comes to trotting around with all my stuff, the baby stuff (stroller, etc), and whatever the daily adventure brings our way, I'm out of room in that little black Batmobile.  It's time to upgrade to something bigger, but not like Mega Big.  (No Partridge Bus necessary. No minivans allowed, either.)  The Honda CR-V is speaking to me (it also says BEEEEP!).
Oh writer's block.  You bring out the Meathead in me.


Its always weird when, I get writes block, I am a pwd my blog is about my pwd life but sometimes I may not have something to say in the diabetes front but I have tons of other things to say which might fill out a whole book, would the people who read my ramblings relate to some of the things in this other life of mine.....
that writes block can be such a bummer.

...until your cats start puking up fake needles...

Bummer on the BLOCK...and feel free to smack the shit out of Caillou. The whining makes me want to stick hot pokers into my eye sockets. Luckily, my kids are out of that phase and we are onto Phineous and Ferb.

Good luck on the car hunt!

Calliou. slap him for me. If my child whined that much I'd have sold him on Ebay. He was banned our home. Plus, his parents dressed him funny.

Tinsel was banned in our house too - that was for the cats. They don't puke fake needles, only tinsel and ribbon. And then it's not so much puke as...well the other end. Think "lawnmower starting".

I like my Santa Fe. Has been very reliable and even comfy in the back seat when Grandma had to sit back there to entertain a baby or toddler. ;) It's still kicking at 8 years old.

If you think you are going to have another baby someday, get something bigger than the CRV. My kids are 2.5 years apart and the amount of crap we have to bring with us wherever we go amazes me. We have the Pilot and I LOVE it! I can pick up my 4 year old's friends for playdates and still fit a stroller and a trip full of groceries in the back. More kids=more crap!

We are a HONDA family all the way!!! (except for my "toy" which is a Jeep Wrangler). I drive an Odyssey, my oldest daughter drives a Piolet, and my hubby just bought a brand new CRV and LOVES it!! The CRV is good for one child and has a good amount of space in the back. Those suckers hold their value big time.....we ended up paying LESS for a brand new one (with the great special financing for new ones 1.9% interest vs 7% used) than we would have for a 2 yr old one, and we go the new car smell!! I must admit I do love my Odyssey even though its mini van and not sexy. LOL!

We are in the process of looking at cars and will be purchasing in the next few weeks... I wanted a station wagon, but also AWD, which is Subaru, but they dont make a big enough station wagon, so we are looking at the Forester. I am pretty stoked about that :)

I've had my Honda CR-V for about six months now and it's great! We don't have a little bird to put in it (for now) but it's quite roomy.

I've only seen the promos for Calliou, and that's enough for me to fully support you getting into it w/ the whiner. So glad my 5yo Ms. Diva never got into that show. Have you checked out Word World on PBS? That was Ms. Diva's fave for the first few years of her little life.

I have to put a plug in for the Toyota Matrix. We got ours after Ms. Diva was born and I swore no minivans would ever enter our lives. We had to find something that would fit 2 adults, baby+car seat, and 2 large dogs, plus gear and/or groceries. The Matrix was it. It looks pretty small (good thing, as we were living in SanFran and had to parallel park all the time) but holds a LOT. There's my plug. Good luck with the car shopping!

P.S. Whatever you write is always on point. Even when it might not feel like it is, it is. Just saying. ;)

I think the "whiney" gene is an expression of the "toddler/young boy baldness" gene - look at Charlie Brown, he has it too!

My son never was really into little kid shows. He liked action from age 2..but for some odd reason he loved Elmo. So I know EXACTLY what you mean. If I could have I would have reached through the screen and throttled that red high pitched puppet.

My husband and I have decided that it goes "Quack", especially when it goes off in the middle of the night. It is one of hate/love things with the Dexcom. Can't live with it and can't live without it. In all honestly, it has saved my husband's life. He is on medicare and they don't even have a code for it. Go figure that! Take care and God Bless.

We have ran the gammit of cars over the years and about 15 or so years back we got a Subaru and have stayed with them ever since. We presently own a 2001 Forester thats got about 180,000 miles on it and next year we will get a new one. You might want to look at one. I think that you will be pleasently supprised.

You're funny and a great read, even with writer's block!

Burnout? My line is this: the diabetes was fun while it lasted, but I'm ready to finish now!

Good luck!

I adore my Honda Fit (it saved my and my daughter's life last year) but it might be too small for you. My husband bought the Hyndai Elantra hatchback. Big enough, but not in the suv or van size.

I just bought a 2011 cr-v and I LOVEEEE it! I've alwayd had Hondas/Acuras ! The Cr-v has a magnified mirror next to the rearview so you can keep an eye on the kids and in the trunk, it has a thing to put in so that you can make a portable changing table, and have room for groceries/strollers on the bottom.
I have a 2yo and a 3 month old and they fit perfectly in my cr-v

*no, They did not pay me to say this :D

I have a honda crv and I love it. I have two kids and I didn't want a minivan either!

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