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America Runs on Insulin.

It's been well-documented that my coffee addiction is ... substantial.  Briefly on hiatus during my pregnancy, I was reunited with my beloved beverage after the baby was born, and now I'm back in the habit.  

Since I work from our home office and I'm also the primary caregiver for BSparl, sleep is a hot commodity.  Actually, I don't get to sleep much, so the coffee is very much my friend these days.  Work hard, play hard, drink much of the coffee.

The other day, I was out with the baby, running a few errands.  I had to visit the post office, the grocery store, CVS … and Dunkin Donuts.  I try to make my order sound fresh and new (versus something I say almost without thinking), and I leaned out the window to order into the drive through speaker.  (Instead of into the garbage can, which is something I've done more times than I'd care to admit.)  

"Hi!"  Total joy.  "Can I please have a medium iced coffee with cream and two Splenda?"  

"Sure thing.  Please drive up."

So I drive up.  But when I get to the window, there's a little bit of confusion.

"Okay, so one coffee with milk and sugar, two doughnuts, and a bagel with cream cheese?"  The boy attending the window had a bag of deliciousness in his hand.  My stomach said "YES!  YES. THOSE BELONG TO ME."  

I mentally punched myself in the stomach and said, "Oh, I only had a medium iced coffee.  That was it."

"No problem."  The kid put down the order that wasn't mine and returned with a single iced coffee.  "Okay, that's two dollars and thirty-six cents."

"Awesome."  I handed the money out the window.  "Would you mind double-checking to see if that's with Splenda, and not sugar?  I'm diabetic, and I don't want to end up with the wrong order."  

He paused.  "Type 1?"

Whooo boy.

"Yes, type 1."

"Yours is definitely Splenda.  I'm positive."  He handed me my change.  "My mom has type 1.  For like, ever.  How are you doing?"

This kid wasn't any more than 18 years old.  But the concern on his face was wise beyond his years.

"Good.  I'm doing really well.  I've had it since I was a kid."

"My mom, too.  She's doing good.  And she has me.  And my sister.  Is that your baby?"  He waved at BSparl in the backseat, waving her chubby arms around and babbling.

"Yes.  She's almost a year old.  It's refreshing to see that our kids grow up to be nice kids."

He smiled.  "And that our moms weren't always old moms.  Have a good day.  And I can't wait to tell my mom I met another one like her."  

People with diabetes are everywhere.  And so are the people who love them.


What a nice experience!

I think you should've run inside to give him a hug. And get his mother's address to write her a thank you note :)

I want to go to YOUR Dunkin' Donuts!
Kudos to the kid, thanks for sharing this story!!

OMG, I was just thinking this morning that coffee tastes so much better with Splenda. We ran out, so I've been relying on a spoonful of sugar...makes the coffee go down. But not as good as Splenda.

It was nice of him to be conscientious about your order. It makes me feel good to see that in the world.

What a wonderful story and a lovely young man!

This was so very sweet Kerri. Made me teary eyed. Thank you for saying that to the boy.

That would NEVER happen at our local DD.
And I second Briley's comment. I am the mom/PWLPWD (Person Who Loves a Person With Diabetes) of a Dkid.

Is he related to the grocery store clerk who helped you in the parking lot?? What a great story!!!

TEARS...What a lovely boy Kerri.

Tears too! And at my desk work... thinking of something funny to clear the tears before a coworker rounds the corner...

How awesome!
Of course, the last line got me laughing at the visual image that popped in my head -- "another one like her" -- we're aliens! LOL

As I was reading this, I was thinking the same thing as Briley...I would have wanted to hug him! And then find out who his mom is because she did a great job! I have a little boy and I hope he turns out as sweet as him.

That is a beautiful story. Yes, there are people everywhere whose lives are touched by Type I. I'm so glad that boy was willing to share.
Kerri, you are one brave woman, though. Why not ask for a medium iced coffee with cream, and two Splenda ON THE SIDE? Then you'd know for sure that you were getting Splenda!

I'm sure his mom loves being called an old mom. :)

Usually when I meet people who are related to a diabetic, it's the old "Oh my grandma has that" story. So nice that he actually got it!

And I don't drink DD coffee, but when I go to Starbucks, I always put in the Splenda myself. One girl was like "oh you know we can do that for you" and I just smiled and was like "Uh huh..." but on the inside I was all "Yeah, but I don't TRUST you."

I got tears in my eyes. Maybe someday I will run into someone who understands.

This is so awesome. I love it!

I loved reading this, what a sweet encounter (no pun intended) and as a mom, it makes me want to hug him AND his mother.

I'm sure he will remember you and the precious BSparl anytime he sees you. I know I would remember that.

Objection: Your Honor if I may approach the bench.

I submit that this heart warming story is at best hear say evidence. Further the witness is a know to associate with a fiction writer of merit.

I submit for consideration the veracity of the testimony and the possibility the witness is just trying to sneak in a "Look I'm not old" statement into the courts record.

Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor after checking her BG overrules the objection and cites the objecting counsel for contempt of court.

LOL ly/mi

Bennet - aLOL!!!!!! True. :)

First, this reminds me of the guy in Panera (I think) who gave Kerri a cup of orange juice when she was low and told off the customer who mumbled about how the kid was holding up the line.

Second, it's ironic that this should come up today, because just yesterday when I was in Starbucks, one of the baristas offered to give me a non-skinny latte (skinny=without sugar and skim milk. Most people get it for the skim milk, but not me!). She was half-serious about switching my order one day without telling me, and I completely freaked out-not just for me, but for the PWD who would be affected by it. Thinking back, I should've been less nice to her about it. I should've gone to the manager or something, because switching someone's order isn't funny, even if she thinks it is.

Kerri, Do you have a rechargeable Dunkin Donuts card? They are great !. You can even set it up to auto-recharge your card when the balance falls below a certain level !!!

I don't know why but your posts like this always make me cry. Another great one!!

love this. love that he called his mom old and that you are one like her. I mean that in an awesomely happy way. What a good kid. Thank goodness there are good parents raising good kids! I hope to be one like that!

I laughed, I cried (a little)... I wished I had experiences with enlightened people like that... :-)

I, too, share your coffee issues... When my hubby opened our freezer last night he was ready to put me into coffee rehab... (see picture...) I wonder if there is such a thing...

Kerri ~ your writing is awesome! Thank you for sharing this story. Here's hoping we make the same impression on our children! My kids already know more about diabetes than most adults I know. (and they are only 8 & 10)I hope one day they use their information like this young man did.

What a great story! Brought tears to my eyes. And, refreshing to know that a kid that age still loves his mommy!!

I had another thought... I have a tshirt that says "Runs on insulin" and I wear it for my 5k races. One woman, who obviously DIDN'T get it, saw it and said "Oh, that's funny, I run on coffee."

Umm.. ok?

And i like the "another one like her." too :)

This is some kind of alternate reality Dunkin Donuts, I think. Much as I love it -- donuts are a sometimes food -- all of the employees at my place don't seem to care. The kid must be new. :^)

Wow! Conversations like that don't happen every day.

I'm a fan of Dunkin' Donuts' coffee over Starbucks. Half the cost and tastes twice as good!

(And I'm in no way admitting that the woman who owns the DD by my office knows me and my order and is twice as nice to me as other customers when I pull up to the window. I'm also not admitting, and don't tell Q, that her brother sometimes requests a "brown circle donut" from DD on the way to preschool after we drop her off.)

Nice tale, thanks Kerri. How come I never bump into these folks. Maybe I need to start drinking more coffee. ;-)

that's adorable! i laughed at the "And that our moms weren't always old moms" --- too cute! :)

TEARS!!!! I think I love this boy...so glad he shared his story with you...and I love that he said "And that our moms weren't always old moms", lol!

Cool story!

God, I would have leaped through my window and pinched his precious cheek. Love!

LOVE this post!!! So sweet!

Oh, so cool. Love him! I'm smiling as I read and type this. Nice.

This brought me to tears immediately! Bittersweet tears!

I did not expect to tear up when I first clicked on this Dunkin Donuts post.

That is a really sweet story. As a PWD, it is so refreshing to meet people like the Dunkin Donuts boy to counterbalance the "You can't eat that! I would die if I had to give myself shots. Do you have the bad diabetes?" people.

Yay for positive experiences.

What a beautiful story. Got a little teary on that one. AWESOME! signed, gingersnaps

I LOVE when I get meet other people and parents with Type 1!! That kid was awesome!! You HAVE to go back there again, and again...

Your stories always bring a smile to my face. Great story!

Thanks, this story made my day! lots of smiles here!

Discovered your blog recently. You make me feel less alone.

Yesterday, I was at Target opening the back of my meter to see what batteries to buy, when the young man behind the counter told me that there was no need. His mom uses the same meter and he knew just what I needed. There are a lot of us out there and apparently, we have very nice kids :-)


Love this!!

My dad (type 1) was in the ICU recently and the doctor who performed one of his procedures came into the room to discuss the results with us and asked, "Are you the one with the diabetic daughter? I was just admiring your dad's CGMS (Dexcom). My daughter has diabetes also." I work with diabetes and live with diabetes. It is all around me. But I still find it so refreshing to run into someone else who really really gets it in the most unexpected of places.

God, that was sweet. Thank you for sharing, Kerri!

Love it! And love Dunkin' Donuts! I don't drink coffee, but when I go there to get their turkey sausage, spinach, & egg white wrap I always get a Diet Pepsi (which they sell in the bottle). A few months ago a new person was at the window. As she gathered my order, she set down a bottle of regular Pepsi. Before I could say a word, two of her co-workers simultaneously said, "NO! Diet Pepsi! She's a diabetic!"

Made me feel good & cracked me up. Until I realized it was a sure sign I'm there far too often. :P

I love this story. :) How absolutely refreshing. Bless that kid.

It's great to hear that there are people out there.

My mom, when I was younger, always used to carefully watch waiters and waitresses who would fill up sodas and make them double check every time just to make sure. Ive had everyone, from my best friends, to my boyfriend, to my brothers test drinks for me to make sure it's the right one.

Thanks for the story--it made me smile :)

Goosebump City!!

Kerri, I think you should tell the Dunkin Donuts boy about your blog so he could pass it on to his mother! I know it's made a lot of us feel less like islands.

very sweet :)
i love any story that describes an 18 year old boy as nice and caring!

I'd love to be that 18 year old's mom - sweet kid : D

What a sweet exchange for you both!

I hope my son turns out to be that sweet! (And knows how to pass on the compliments of NOT being old).

LOVE this post :)

Great story! What a kid! :)

awww..sweet! Just like Spenda! ;)

I'm 18 years old, and the only one with diabetes (T1) in my class; but two of my classmates have parents with type 1 (and they both have a pump, just like me) - it's true: People with diabetes are everywhere. And so are the people who love them.

- Type1 from Norway =)

what a wonderful story, so refreshing too :)

This put tears in my eyes ! It is hard to go to a drive thru and hope and pray you don't get regular drinks . I always test our daughters drinks before I give them to her . Made the mistake of not checking one time and learned my lesson . Thank you God for sending the boy to work for DD and being so careful .

I sincerely hope you got his name and called their comment line to tell the manager what a difference he made in your day!! I wish he worked wherever I'm headed for coffee...

This is a beautiful post. Maybe the best you've ever written! Thank you.

I had a similar interaction just yesterday. Met with family members, including one who'd never seen me inject, for a casual lunch. Rather than choosing that moment to introduce him to it (plenty of other opportunities for that in future meals at home), I just stepped into the little hallway where the bathroom was. Just as I as injecting, a young mom with a 4YO (or so) boy came in. I stepped out of the way and apologized - "Sorry, just a quick insulin shot in case some of the people out there are freaky about needles." Her reply: "I've been on my pump for three years and I LOVE IT." We stood out there while her little guy did his thing, and discussed options, and it was cool.

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