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OMG Twelve.

To my littlest friend,

One year ago today, the best little write-off ever was born.  (Happy tax day AND birthday, Birdy!)  No ... okay, I'll be serious.  Because, as we know, your mama is totally serious.  You and I have never had burping contests. Nope.

Ahem.  So yes, a year ago, you were born.  You came out after a short but tough eight months and one week of pregnancy, the first scheduled c-section at Beth Israel that morning.  Type 1 diabetes, Factor V leiden, retinopathy, pre-eclampsia, and hospitalization tried to shake our determination, but you and I held steady.  And the moment you were born, your cry filled that operating room that once held 14 plus people, but in that moment, just held you, me, and Daddy.

Smiling when we went to the zoo last week.

I knew life with you was going to be so different and amazing, but I didn't realize how profoundly you had changed me until I caught myself talking to you about how I cannot stand the Charmin bears because they show their toilet paper bits to television viewing audiences.  And you giggled in agreement.  Or when we sang the song about "Fat Bird the Clown (FBTC)" in the grocery store.  And then danced while daddy juggled lemons.  You have given me the confidence to be a silly mom in public, and you make me feel like even my non-rhyming, makes-no-sense lyrics are worth singing.  You make me feel like I'm doing something very, very right.

Opening some early birthday presents from our friend Lindsay!

Birdy, you amaze me.  I love watching you learn how the world works, when your little brow furrows as you try and figure out how to stack the blocks or open the cupboard or sneak up on the cats without them noticing.  (They always notice.)  We get to watch you discover how words are assigned to things, and what sounds fit where.  You've started pointing at things you recognize, babbling words like "birdy," "kitty," and "mama."  Your voice is high and squeaky, and your giggle is cut from the same vocal cloth. 

Baking cupcakes on her birthday-eve.  :)

I want to tell you how much you mean to me, but there aren't the right words for this yet.  I want to tell you that i would do anything for you, and would sacrifice my entire being to make sure you are always safe, but it never feels like enough.  I love you like I've known you all my life.  Because, somehow, I have.  You've always been what I've wanted most, and now that you're here and I can hug you, my life feels better.  Fuller.  Like that spot was filled that I didn't even realize was empty.

I love you, my baby birdzone.  You show me that there is plenty to smile about in the world. 

Happy first birthday. 



Happy Birthday Sweet BSparl!
Happy 1 year Anniversary of Mommyhood Kerri!

Kerri, thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of BSparl they are a joy to look at. I hope all of you enjoy her first ever birthday.

Happy happy first birthday, BSparl. Your mom is definitely doing something (a lot of somethings) very very right!! :)

Love, Auntie Knitter

Happy, happy birthday sweet girl and congrats to her mom & dad on such a wonderful year!

(OMG this post makes me absolutley ITCH to meet my girl!)


I still can't believe they are one... ONE! Happy Birthday to B and congratulations on one fantastic year for you Kerri. I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives hold :)

Sparling Bird -
Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Bird-day! That smile makes everything better, and I've never even seen it in person. (maybe in July???)

What a great way to start off the day reading that post!! Happy 1st birthday BSparl from all of your Mom's DOC friends!

beautiful! happy birthday, bsparl!

today is my grandparents' 61st anniversary too! :)

Happy Birthday!!
She is amazingly beautiful! My little girl turned 9 recently and it feels like yesterday that she was banging on pots and pans in the kitchen.

Wow where did that first year go? Congratulations on your first birthday little Miss Sparling!

Happy Birthday BSparl! Kerri, I hope that you and BSparl spend many more happy birthdays together, and have many, many more happy years ahead. :) Congratulations on a wonderful, amazing first year, both Kerri and BSparl!

Happy Birthday! How exciting today must be! BSparl looks like she is only a cutie the movies could create! She is STUNNINGLY adorable! I love those tiny teeth :) Im still not sure we will ever find the words to explain our love for our children...

So, so sweet. Happy Birthday, little bird!

And the incredible thing is: It only gets better.

I am also so happy to hear someone else is grossed out by the Charmain bears.

Happy Birthday, BSparl and family!! Hope it is a great one!

Oh she is just adorable! Happy birthday little one :)

Happy Birthday, BSparl!!


I cannot believe it's been a year since that sweet baby was born! Happy Birthday to both of you! :D

Happy Birthday BSparl! Wow, time has flown. I can't believe she's already one year old!

I hope you guys have a wonderful time on her birthday :)

Happy Birthday BSparl! What adorable pics! You and her are such inspirations to us other type 1's wanting to have a baby! Have a great day!

I remember when Shaun was little and we would be driving in the car I would sing to him. Until he learned to talk and told me not to make that noise anymore.
Anyway Happy Birthday BSparl! you are as beautiful as your mommy. We all watched and waited for you to get here I am amazed you have been here for a year already. But I am sure We will be watching for the years to so come so enjoy sweetheart!

A very very Happy Birthday to BSparl. And a special pensée for her maman! Have a wonderful day!

Holy freaking tear jerker! She's amazingly beautiful. Happy first (omgalready?) Birthday Miss BSparl!

Hoooooray for B Sparl! Happy Birthday! And thank you to your fun mama for giving us a peak at your adorable little self! :) Have a fun weekend!!

Happy birthday to the Birdster!

As an almost 19 year old living with type one I have found your blog very inpiring for quite a while now. I loved folowing your journey of becoming a mother and since she was born :) I found it very exciting last year when she was born one day before my birthday :) Happy Birthday to your little princess!!!!!!!

This made me emotional for some reason (what's new)!!! She is truly such a beautiful child...and every word you wrote was straight from a mommy's heart!! Happy First Year BSparl!!!!

Motherhood is amazing...Grandmotherhood is even better!!

Happy Birthday to you all!!

Happy 1st Birthday beautiful BSparl. Your mommy is so sweet to share you and your antics, so I feel as if I know you.
Enjoy the cupcakes!

Beautiful post and a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday!

The happiest of birthdays to the happiest of Birdies! Give her a kiss from me and my munchkin.

Happy birthday to the little Rhode Island bird :)

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to BSparl! This was a wonderful post!

She's BEAUTIFUL! Happy Happy Birthday :)

It's so hard to believe how fast the time has gone since my firstborn was 12 months....then D came at 24 months....wow. Life just keeps moving, but I wouldn't trade a second of it.

AWESOME! Happy Birthday little one!

Happy birthday birdie! BSparl haz a cute ;)

Happpy birthday! She is beautiful!

Happy Happy Birthday to sweet BSparl and Congratulations to you and Chris! YOU DID IT Kerri, be so proud of all you've accomplished but mostly of this adorable, precious, amazing little person!

All kinds of love and goodness and giggles and joy and fun and sprinkles, to BSparl and her mama and daddy today. CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy Birthday BSparl.

Happy 1st birthday BSparl!! What a beautiful little girl she's becoming :)

Happy Birth-Day to you both!

Kerri, you have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL kid ever!! Seriously, I just wanna hug her! Happy birthday, BSparl and congratulations, Kerri!

awwww...what a doll baby...I can't believe she is 1 already...happy birthday!

Hey, that kid is wicked cute. Congrats on the first year!

That is one seriously cute little madam you have there. Hope you all enjoyed the birthday!

Hppy birthday to you happy birhday dear bsprawl happy birthday to you!! and many more!
And congrats Kerri. you are such an insperation to me.:):):):):):):):):):)

Congrats Kerri and Chris! YAY to baby bird you are growing up so fast!!! Enjoy her fun and special day!

What a sweet post. She will cherish posts like this when she's older :) happy first birthday BSparl! :D

Happy Birthday BSparl!

Happy Birthday, Birdie!!! You're growing so fast & in no time you'll grow into the great person your family is teaching you to be. You've got some wonderful parents and a whole lot of fabulous aunts & uncles (with & without diabetes)to show you the way. So keep smiling, BSparl!!!!!! :)

HUGE happy birthday to your absolutely BEAUTIFUL little girl!!!! You are one amazing mommy!!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us!

Happy Birthday Birdie !!!! This almost made me cry. I am hoping to have a little one of my own soon.

Happy birthday you absolutely, adorable thing!! You have your mother's same very sweet, happy smile.
Thanks for sharing your day, Kerri. I'm so happy for your entire family!!! :)

Thank you guys so much for the BSparl birthday wishes! We had a wonderful day celebrating with her, and now we're moving into Year Two. :)

Much love!!

Best. Pictures. EVAR!!!

Parenthood can definitely change our perspective on life. So happy for you!

What a beautiful post. A very happy birthday to your little one. The pix are adorable.

Great pics and what a darling little girl...happy b-day...

Happy Birthday sweetie! :) Too cute!
I love you guys!
Best mom ever!

Such a princess!
Happy birthday!

Ah, look at that little muffin.

Happy birthday Birdie!

Wow.. that was great. Made me cry. Thanks for sharing. I have a 12 year old daughter dignosied Dec 2009. Love reading your blogs and telling her about them. Happy Birthday Birdie!!Thanks again!

You have a delightful daughter! Thanks for your work with a diabetes blog--a friend suggested I check it out.

Is BSparl talking?????

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