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This is precisely what I DIDN'T need, but weeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way home!We made a mistake, as a family.  This thing -->

(I largely blame the influence of one Scott K. Johnson.)  

Due to the amount of travel Chris and I do throughout the year to support our respective businesses, we thought it would be okay to pick up a tablet. And once the iPad 2 came out, we were like (shrug), "This will help us increase our productivity."

Oh, the lies!!  So far, I have downloaded finger-painting applications for BSparl (she loves them and is fascinated by the colors that pop up on the screen when her finger pokes around), built a small but robust Tiny Zoo (currently, koalas are breeding - OMG I need a life), and am playing several games of Words with Friends all at once.  Productive?  Nope.  

Well, not yet, anyway. Aside from the fun apps and the silliness, I'm looking forward to making this thing useful.  I want to check out the medical apps that I never downloaded to the iTouch (mainly because that device is for my nephew to play Angry Birds on), and whatever else is fun to explore. 

So if you're an iPad user, or an app fan of any kind, what do you recommend?  Any especially snazzy diabetes apps?  Or just plain fun ones that involve cats?  I mean, diabetes?  (Whoops.)


I have an iTouch, and I really like the My Fitness Pal app. It's really useful in helping me keep a good calorie count as well as keeping track of carbs. A lot of times, I will fill out my diary for the day, then look up the food I need to bolus for. Super easy!

It has a huge database of food and you can add your own recipes and it figures out the calorie content for you! Absolutely no math! It also lets you add calories burned by working out, but that is kind of hit and miss depending upon your own heart rate.

I've been able to lose 6 lbs by just following the calories on there. =)

Some of my faves...

- GoMealsHD (free)
- Blogsy ($2.99)
- uCentral (free)
- WebMD (free)
- Skyscape (free)
- Medscape (free)
- Wikipanion (free)
- Google Earth (free)
- Flipboard (free)
- WeatherBug (free)
- PS Express (free)
- Draw (free)
- Paper Toss HD (free)
- Can Knockdown (free)
- Newtonize (free)
- USA Today (free)
- CNN (free)
- NPR (free)
- Netflix (if you have it)

the iPad is the savior to productivity. Apps that I can not live without, and most of them sync with my Macbook Pro and iPhone as well are: Keynote, Pages, Numbers, DocsToGo. They all work with Microsoft file extensions and make it very easy to update and create while traveling... or even in front of the tv. Analytics HD I use for Google Analytics on the go. Reeder is a good app for catching up on my RSS stuff. Kindle, like I have time to read books!

Evernote saves my life. It's where all the notes of all the different aspects of my life are stored. The official Twitter app is pretty cool.

MyNetDiary is a pretty good food journal that I use, when I remember. Box.net and Dropbox apps are a must. Pageonce Pro is a great finance tool. Helps with bills, billing, accounting, etc. iFinance is decent too.

Mindnode is a must! it's a mind map app and also works on Macs. It will help keep all of your ideas together.

And since I am a WordPress user I can't live without the wordpress app.

Happy App-ing!

Zite if you're a news junkie (it ties into your Twitter and Google Reader accounts and tailors it to what/who you're following. I have a Diabetes section).

Ditto on Evernote-- they have a Blackberry and PC/Mac app so you can keep track of your brain on the go, like I do ;)

It seems to me that Scott Johnson is usually behind such silliness!

Enjoy your new toy - I so want one!!

Honestly, I have never found an app I liked regarding D. I thought that Carb Counting with Lenny was really cute by Medtronic and actually helpful!

I refuse to be blamed for the downfall of Kerri's (or Kelly's) productivity!

I will, however, totally participate in the peer pressure that is late night #sweatabetes sessions.

If you bring your iPad to our next #sweatabetes session, I'll need to start working on an intervention...

Calorie counter - love it! So much more freedom for my 9 year old T1 & our family. Has so many restaurants and nutrional info

Talking Tom is a fun (and not at all productive) app for cat lovers - he repeats what you say and you can feed him and pet him.

My favorite app for productivity is Penultimate. It is a notebook app that you can write on with your finger. You can store multiple note books for jotting down anything.

I recently got an Iphone, tad bit tiny in comparison. I have tried numerous apps for diabetes, and like a new one called LogFrog, it is very user friendly. Cheers.

diabetespilot is AMAZING has a full database for food and will do your insulin calculations. LOVE IT :)

Get "Game for Cats!" Totally worth every penny.


I have an iPhone, and my favorite diabetes app is CarbFinder. It has nutritional info for thousands of food items and allows you to be very specific with portion sizes/weights, which is awesome! I also have the DiabetesForum.com app which is pretty good.

In terms of other cool apps, anything in the iMapMy group is great for fitness, and epicurious is an awesome cooking app.

I have WAY too many apps on my phone, but these are a few of my faves and they're all free.

If you start wearing it around your neck like Scott wears his iPhone "I" will stage an intervention!!! :D

This made me laugh! iPad is not that great at mobile productivity without an external keyboard. But hey, it's fun!

Joe likes playing chess on his Auntie's I-pad...I don't own one.

something that I did on my iPhone was add calorie king to my homepage! i click on the logo, and it takes me straight to the website.

OMG, just spent 15 minutes terrorizing, I mean playing with, Talking Tom

I use Glucose Buddy. It's free and easy.

There's also a free app called cat toy.. I haven't looked on our ipad, but I have it on my phone. They enjoy it!

@Lisa in regards to the Talking Tom cat-speaking App, we've got 2x iPhones, an iTouch and an iPad, and the step kids have figured out how to talk into one device, then make that device talk into the next one etc, only Tom's voice gets higher and squeakier each time! The kids take great delight in creating annoying ultrasonic squeak talk with this very technical method. :P

i second the diabetes pilot. i have it for my iphone and my pc so they sync, and when my son starts middle school next year, he'll have it on his touch.

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