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Vlog: Name That Tune.

So I was afraid to say "Top Gun" or "Maverick" or anything related to Goose in this new Animas video because I never know where the copyright sidewalk ends (whoops), but just to confirm:  the Top Gun theme song both rules and is my new pump tune.  Here's the full vlog over at Animas:

Also, Jana started a wiki page for Animas pump tunes, so if you have a tune you want to share with the masses, visit her wiki and upload it!  Or visit her wiki and download Top Gun.  Either way, it's 'peace out' to Für Elise!


ahh, i WISH the medtronic minimed did this.. THAT would be much better than hearing the low and high predicts!!! Glad you were able to customize Kerri!!!

Kerri, for shame on you. Don't you mean you Diaboogled the info? Thanks for the pointer to the ipancreas site, I've just added it to the diaboogle list.

I just changed my daughter's pump to play "Who Says" by Selena Gomez. I am officially the coolest mom ever! Thanks for giving that to me, Kerri... for today at least!

I totally laughed out loud at "Flippy." Thanks! I'm still smiling. :-)

Maybe it's because I'm SO in love with music, but I kinda like Fur Elise...then again, the tinny thing that the pump plays is not what I'd call music, so maybe not.

So awesome.

I, too, wish the MM did this. Of course, now whenever it beeps, I'll have to get all lunatic-mad that it's not being all Flipper-like or Top Gun music playing. And then my mind will go bye bye. This could very well be how Animas steals me away...

Oooh, i'm still hanging on to my Cozmo (for as long as i possibly can), but seeing this makes me think that there are indeed alternatives. My 3 year old daughter's name is Elise. That tune will either make me nuts or turn me mushy - perhaps depending on what the pump has to tell me. Anyway, customizable is definitely a selling point.

"reignited my diabetes techno joy". you are truly a wordsmith, kerri!

Thanks, Kerri. Nothing like dealing with a zillion pumps and all with the same alert tune. While I like classical, I am getting a mite tired of Fur Elise.

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