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The Droid You're Looking For.

Okay, THIS is the droid you're looking for.  Seriously.  He's right in front of you.I grabbed the Dexcom receiver from my purse and gave the button a quick click while I was standing in line for coffee, checking the graph and noticing the single "What UP!" arrow pointing my blood sugar up from 146 mg/dL.

A moment of mental math took place:  I was rising, but I had some insulin on board, and how many carbs was I about to consume?  After a quick calculation of the insulin I had on board already, I reached underneath my shirt and grabbed the insulin pump off my hip.  Buttons pressed, bolus delivered, but whoops - ended up a bit tangled when I went to clip the pump back to my hip and I ended up flashing the infusion set on my hip by accident.  

The guy behind me in line was there with his son, who had started first grade a few weeks ago.  (How do I know this?  Because when they got into line behind me, the little boy smiled at me and said, "Hi! I started first grade last week!")  It wasn't until I had successfully untangled my pump and returned the Dexcom back to my purse that I realized the little boy was staring at me with wide, blue eyes.

"I learned a word last week in first grade,"  he said to his father, tugging on his sleeve insistently.

"What did you learn?" the father replied absently, as he foraged for his wallet.

"'Droid.'  It means you have robot parts.  Like Luke Skywalker's arm after his dad cuts it off!  And the yellow C3PO guy!  And that lady!"  He pointed at me.

"What?" The father was paying rapt attention now.

"She has droid parts.  I saw them."  He smiled, sticking his tongue through the hole where his front tooth should have been.

"Ethan, that's not nice.  Apologize to the lady - she's not a droid."  The father looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry!  He's watched a lot of Star Wars.  Like, a lot." while he put his hands on his son's shoulder.  

This is where I should have given a nice, concise speech to this little boy and his father about diabetes and the hardware involved.  This is where I should have said, "Oh, I'm not a robot.  I'm wearing an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor and I wear these devices because my body doesn't produce a hormone called insulin."  There are many things I should have done at that moment.

But instead, I grabbed my coffee from the counter.  I smiled at Ethan.  And I leaned down to whisper "I am not the droid you're looking for."

His whole little kid face lit up and his words came out in one, single, excited breath.  "Oh-my-gosh-Dad-she-knows!"


Oh, that's so fabulous! :)

lol kerri that's hilarious! I love it when kids say stuff like that, the first time I was called a robot I had tears of laughter streaming down my face! Thank goodness it was my 6 year old cousin rather than a stranger ha!

Stories like this one make we want to go get coffee (instead of making the free stuff at work) so that I, too, can have these kinds of experiences. :)

tell me you did the Obi-Wan hand movement, please tell me you did.

That is adorable. And some day when he does learn about diabetes he will remember your droid parts and put all the pieces together.

Michelle - LOL!!! I totally did!!!!!!

You made that boy's day! Hilarious!!!

I can't wait for the digitally remastered version of this coffee scene where the little boy is actually a little girl and the espresso machines make new noises.

And Han turns out to be the second shooter from the grassy knoll.

That is so awesome. We all need days off from educating/advocating to have fun.

Now that's the type of blog I love from sixuntilme !

I just finished the first phase of jump school and had an instructor ask about the OmniPod on my arm. I told him it was a built in altimeter and then watched 6 seasoned skydivers run over to check out the new tech.
I actually routinely tell folks I'm a cyborg and they seem to like it.

I remember being that age, he will never forget that! AWESOME!

I definitely tell people I am a robot, but now I am officially switching it to droid.

I've always considered myself a Borg with the pump, and when I plug in after a shower, I'm rejoining the Collective.

bahahaha! that's awesome! love these stories....

That is probably the best thing you could have done for the poor boy and you avoided the embarrassment to the Father as well. Plus you aren't a droid anyway. You are a cyborg. DUH!

So LOVE THIS, Kerri!

I also proudly think of myself as a cyborg and when anyone asks what my pump is I'm blunt: it's my pancreas.

This made me laugh SO hard that tears came out!! But I haven't seen Star Wars in a while, so help: is that a line from the movie? ROFL still...

seriously? so. freaking. awesome. you KNOW you made that kid's (and probably dad's) day! :D

I call myself hemi-bot and I am powered by insulin and glucose tabs on occasion.

You are my hero. Seriously. I bet that kid never forgets the day he met a Droid. :D

that was the most fantastic response! i guarantee you made his day, if not his freaking year!

impressive, you are! :)

LMFAO! High five! Love it!

I laugh so hard when you write stuff like this!! :D

Ah, Kerri, you are so awesome! You handled that situation perfectly, and totally made that precious kid's day. This is one of my favorite posts from you!

Kerri, I think I LOVE you! Yes, you totally made that kid's day! He's going to be telling that story until he's 95!


Side note: I have never seen Star Wars. Like any of them. *hangs head in shame*

That totally outdoes my story from this week. We're doing logic in Geometry right now. I was kinda having a day where sarcasm was in full force. We were rewriting a statement about Chimpanzees loving humans... One of my students said something about "If you are a chimpanzee, then you love humans." I quipped back "Well, most of you in the room are humans, not chimpanzees, so let's rewrite this a little." You should have seen the looks on their faces. I felt the need to clarify. "I'm not human. I'm a double cyborg."

That is AWESOME.

LOL! You have made my day. Again. The little (ok, huge) nerd in me is celebrating.

You made my day. Best response ever. :D

That was exactly the right answer!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!!! I'll have to read it to Isabelle tomorrow. She has told me in the past that having her pod sometimes makes her feel like a robot.

Too funny! That was perfect! Love it!

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