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Transforming Diabetes: Hanging Out with Heather.

:)Heather Clute, one of the hosts of the Transforming Diabetes podcast, describes herself as "living well (but not perfectly) with type 1 diabetes since 1997."  I love that.  I love that she recognizes the impossibility of perfection, but appreciates the fact that life can still be awesome after a diabetes diagnosis. 

And I also really respect the mission of their organization:  "Transforming Diabetes invites listeners who have diabetes, love someone with diabetes, or simply care about the issues around this epidemic to join in our community of inspiration.  We are creating connections around living well in spite of – or even because of – diabetes.  We hope to turn the 'S-Word' of scare in diabetes into great self-care, self-responsibility, and personal empowerment.  Let’s turn the table on those scary statistics, and take the diagnosis from challenge to opportunity!"

And I'm honored to have been a guest on the Transforming Diabetes podcast earlier this week, talking about the Diabetes Sisters conference, how diabetes meet-ups are like "grown up diabetes camp," and the power of positive influences in the diabetes community.  You can check out the podcast by clicking this link (which will take you to their blog) or by downloading the streaming podcast here

(I apologize for my excessive giggling.  I don't know what got into me.)


What a great podcast. I'll have to continue to come back to this. You are so inspiring and I love your words of such wisdom about diabetes but also at the same time your lightheartedness and openness. Thank you Kerri you rock.

I agree. Great podcast. And I do look forward to reading your blogs. It is nice to read the words of someone who gets it. With a little humor in the mix. It is the emotional side that needs as much attention as the medical side. And it is nice to read about how others DEAL with diabetes issues.
Thanks Kerri,

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