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Vlog: Interview with Charlie Kimball.

Charlie Kimball is one tolerant guy, because not only did he allow my child to sit in his racing helmet when she was two months old (risky move there, Charlie), but he also offered up some of his time to record a vlog interview about racing in Indy Car with type 1 diabetes ... and a car. 

And be sure to root for Charlie as he takes on his last race of the season next week, October 16th in Las Vegas, on his four year diabetes anniversary.  

(For more on Charlie, you can visit CharlieKimball.com or his personal Twitter account, @charliekimball.)


Truly insane Charlie fans like Dunlaps, (is Dunlaps redundant with truly insane? Probably - I blame diabetes.) can also follow @CGRTeams and @IndyCar on twitter. I also keep tabs on races when I have to drive to diabetes camp and can't watch on TV with http://racecontrol.indycar.com

Seriously we dropped Delaney off at camp and walking back to the car I was on the site checking out Charlie's race. I sat in the parking lot looking at the leader board on my phone for 5 minutes until the race finished before driving home.

Big thanks to Novo for helping Charlie show all the kids with diabetes that they can to race to their dreams and figure out how to bring diabetes along for the ride. (enough puns?)

We are a big fan of Charlie. We met him at an ADA even in Denver not long after Zoe was diagnosed.

He is a total diabadass.

ahah the look on your face in that pic is like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. except it was a baby in the race helmet! thanks for the interview, guys!

Charlie earned cool point when he said, "V log!"

Still crushing *deep sigh*

Interesting interview indeed!Charlie is great!


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