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Dear Daughter,

For nineteen months, you have been my best friend and my littlest bird.  And in the last few weeks in particular, you have become a lovely little tornado of terror.  If you aren't clutching fistfuls of crayons and scribbling on the wall, you are trying to smoosh the cats or chew on discarded glucose meter strips.  (Mommy knew that was coming - it was only a matter of time.  I'm much more careful now about getting those dead strips into the garbage.)

You are still my best friend and my littlest bird ... you're just decidedly more destructive these days. Like yesterday, when you were "helping" by determinedly unsettling every pile of leaves I was raking.  Or when you "help" me fold laundry by grabbing shirts off the top of the pile and waving them over your head with your "Mama!" battle cry.  Or when you want to "help" change your diaper by trying to grab it and whip it off before I've ... contained the situation.  (This is a fun one.)

I just can't "leave" you alone. GET IT?  I think you're awesome.  And I also like leaf puns.

You have inherited your mama's awkward dance skills, but you rock hard to your favorite artists (Beastie Boys, Adele, Radiohead, and some downright tacky Christina Aguilera), and you even participated in the Big Blue Test with me this month, getting our dance party on.

This month, you've taken the alphabet and made it your plaything.  I don't know exactly when you made the connection, but you now know most of the letters in the alphabet.  (I had my first clue when you were in the bathtub and shouting "P!!!"  I thought you PEED! but instead you were holding the yellow letter P in your hands.  Also, why did the manufacturers make the letter P yellow?  Well-played, Toy Company.)  You point out letters to me all the time. ("Arrrrr!"  "Seeeeee!"  "Beeeee," closely followed by "Buzzzz."  Oh those homonyms.)  I know I was an early reader, and I hope you're on that same path, because I'd love a fellow book addict in our house. 

Playing in Newport, RI

And you're happy.  Kid, you are the happiest little ball of curly-haired chaos that I've ever met in my life.  There's something inside of you that is tightly-wound and always grinning, and I'm very thankful that you dole out smiles with far more frequency than tantrums.  (Even though you are a Class A tantrum thrower, having just added the word "NO!" to your vocabulary and using it with reckless abandon.)  Even when I ask you the same question over and over again, you are patient and tolerant with your mother's foolishness.  And you don't mind when I giggle at you for asking for a "dodo" (aka "doughnut") when we drive through the coffee shop in the morning.

Pajamas and wings - like you do.

I've been traveling a lot lately, and I miss you terribly when I'm gone.  But when you and Daddy pick me up at the airport, and I see you waving from your carseat as I walk towards you with my suitcase, my whole world is right.  


"Hi Birdy!!  I love you!"



You're my little butterfly, flitting around the house in your pajamas.  (I still laugh that you call "butterflies" "bras."  It makes for interesting dinner conversation.)  You forgave me for accidentally washing a black crayon with your laundry, making your little, pink doggy more of a chimney sweep. You make me see the magic in every day, even when you're coloring the walls.

I love you with my whole heart, Birdy.  You bring major happies to our lives.



You need to stop with these posts because it's making me really want a bird of my own... specifically one that dresses up as a flying cheetah and devours bananas in a single bite. Okay wait, can I just babysit? Problem solved :)


Just when I thought it couldn't get any cuter - there's video! :D Thanks for sharing - she makes my whole day brighter! : )

Such a cutie! Thanks for including readers like me into your family. Watching her grow up so happy gives me hope that I can get my A1c in good baby range and have a healthy Futurebaby.

Hey Birdy, ask your momma to take you to the library... They usually have awesome "read to me" programs for kiddos your age :D

She is as always SO beautiful.
And I adore her jacket in the first picture. I want one for myself.

She is just precious. I don't know how you get anything done, I would just follow her around and squeeze her cheeks.

Oh how this brings me back! I'm pretty sure it was around the same age Ally finally learned the word "No!". I was honestly worried there was something wrong. LMAO

This made me go have a look at BSparl by Dummies and there under toddlers as this sage but from the Ninjabetic, "The bottom of your Christmas tree will either be bare by your choice, or by BSparl. My suggestion is to put ornaments that are baby friendly at the bottom so when she does pull them off you need not worry."

You are going to have the best christmas ever. We will insist on pictures.


That was nice.

Oh!!! Your traveling schedule needs to slow down. Because we need a lunch date soon!!!!!

Love that happy face, life is good when ya show up with a smile.

This is pure preciousness, Kerri. 1000% pure preciousness. Goodness, your daughter is so adorable, and this blog post is such an endearing outpouring from the heart and soul of a truly amazing person and mom .... you!

Cute, enjoy her

I just wanted to say that I could never even imagine this little girl having a tantrum. Ever. You'll have to post a picture one time to prove that she does ;)

Ohmygoodness! Don't tell my Mommy, but your posts to Birdy make me want to have a baby too! I'm afraid I'm going to be that scary lady that won't stop holding your child when we finally meet. :P

Tacky? Au contraire, that is my favorite Christina Aguilera song! :)

dude, she's getting so big! also, lol leaf puns! i do love these bday/milestone posts so.

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