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The Camera Roll.

If I really tune in, there are quiet whispers (and sometimes GIANT SHOUTS) of diabetes everywhere I look.  (And, for once, I don't mean that trail of test strips that seems to follow me around everywhere I go.  Sorry, environment.)

Like in the Children's Museum in Providence, where a giant, rotating piece of art flows between a mermaid, a circus clown, and a unicorn. 

If you look closely, it's like a unicorn with mermaid boobs.

Or the fact that my daughter's pajamas are covered in teeny, colorful cupcakes.  (Also, she pretends to talk on the phone for long pockets of time.  Animated conversations with the ether.  I think she's prepping herself to be a blogger ...)

The conversations go like this:  "Hello?  Jibby jibby meow? Bar oatmeal Elmo moo?  Mama hi?  Dada hi?  Okay, bye Poppy."

Or maybe because this morning I received (earned?) my first speeding ticket in seven years, and when the officer asked me, "Is there any kind of medical emergency I should be aware of?" the only thing I could say was "Stupidity?"   (He also said, "The thing is, I couldn't catch up with you very easily." Not want you want to hear from the cop who is issuing your [deserved] ticket.)

No smile today.  Maybe later.

Actually, the diabetes-related rub here is that my blood sugars were great when I left the house, but after being nailed for speeding, I've since shot up to 217 mg/dL and am holding steady, despite bolusing.  The effects of stress on my blood sugars are direct and sticky.  (Also, just for the record, my shirt is blue.  Blue Fridays FTW?)

After a few weeks of feeling really tuned-in and de-sludging myself, I appreciate that diabetes reminders are everywhere.  Sometimes I need them; helps me stay in control.  But I don't always decide to notice them.  Artwork at a museum can just be artwork.  Pajamas are just pajamas.  And the piss-poor driving decisions made by this mama are just that: piss-poor.  ;)


I love that she looks like she's stepping into a phone booth with the door open like that. LOL!!!

You've gone seven years without getting a speeding ticket!? I've been pulled over three times in the last 12 months which should make me drive slower, I think. :o) Can you get off on a good driving record? Do you have that in RI? We have it in WY and it's saved my friends a few times. But not me, apparently. :o)

That look on your face feels very familiar.....

I'm so sorry about the speeding ticket, Kerri. And yeah, it's a little (a lot?) scary that the officer said he had trouble catching up to you...though it's happened to my father a few times. He thinks he's above the rules...

Anyway, you're SO right about finding little hints everywhere. You know what's worse, though? Finishing crocheting a scarf and thinking there's just enough yarn left over to make a pretty, colorful sleeve for your meter case or nebulizer case...because that's normal.

My hints? Seeing three tissues on the my floor in a triangle that looks exactly like the one you always get when you squeeze your finger and three blood drops appear instead of one. Umm, seeing a purple or blue the EXACT same color as my UltraMini meters. And seeing little kids with juice boxes...

Uh, your daughter. Her hair. She is just so gorgeous.

And I got pulled over last Friday at midnight coming home from work. I was going 20 over and I apologized over and over and I didn't get a ticket. Lesson learned.

alt text - bar oatmeal???

How fast were you going?

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