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Birdy was sick over the weekend (Pukefest 2012) and apparently was contagious.  Thankfully, the Bird is better but her mom is sick now. And using third person POV to shield herself from the awful truth of horrible dehydration, moderate ketones, and the shame of stealing her kid's Pedalyte popsicles.

See you tomorrow!


glad she's better, sucks that you got it.

Protip: they sell pedialyte in "family-size" bottles. We found out when our (then) 14mth-old and my wife and I ALL had the stomach flux together.

feel better!

I hope you feel better very soon. I know you know this, but we tend to forget when we are sick and have little ones to tend to as well. You must drink fluids or you will get worse. I forgot that and ended up in the hospital for 4 days. REALLY not fun.

Feel better momma bird. Tell that baby to take good care of you.

hope you feel better by that very special day coming up..

Take care! Glad to hear your little one is better.

Feel your pain! My "little birdie" just had her own Pukefest last week and gave it to her Mama (Awww...thanks baby girl). I have never seen so much liquid come out of my body...nor did I know I had that much liquid in my body to begin with! I forced myself to drink tons of water (even though it hurt the tum tum sometimes!) and I was feeling MUCH better in 24-36 hours. Hope the same goes to you! Will be praying for all of you!

Feel better soon!

Even when you're sick you manage to be a funny bird!! Get well soon! :)

I'm glad BSparl is better. I'm sad that KSparl is feeling icky. And I hope CSparl misses out on the "fun".

Here's wishing you a speedy and safe recovery.

Hope you feel better soon and not get even a tiny bit worse! Just imagine how great it will feel to be healthy again!

Feel better, Kerri!

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