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ATMs Being Circled By Sharks.

My husband is a nice guy, but he writes some pretty twisted stuff. Case-in-point is ATM, a movie that unnerves me and is being released this weekend on VOD and in theaters on April 6th. Chris and I had a quick chat about the film ... and Rolos.

*   *   *

ATMKerri:  So, Chris ... you live here.  In our house.  We're married, and you seem to like me.  So why do you keep writing movies that make me nervous?

Chris:  Because they make other people nervous, too.  And those other nervous people spend their money on these movies, which allows us to remain in this house.

Kerri:  Excellent point.  Okay, so today is a big day.  Your second movie is being released today.  Can you tell me a little bit about the film?

Chris:  You know what the film is about …

Kerri:  Work with me here.

Chris:  The film is horror-thriller called ATM. It's a story about three coworkers who, instead of having what they thought was going to be a fun night after their company holiday party, end up in a fight for their lives.

Kerri:  This is exactly why my mother asks me if I sleep with one eye open. What do you mean by "a fight for their lives?"  And why is it called ATM?  (And pretend I haven't read the script.)

Chris:  The fight for their lives part is as literal as it sounds.  The movie is called ATM because, like Buried, it's a contained thriller.  Most of the action takes place in and around an ATM vestibule, with an unknown killer stalking the main characters like prey.  Sort of like Jaws circling the boat.

Kerri:  I am scared of sharks.  And now I'm sort of scared of ATMs.

Chris:  That's actually what I'm hoping.  This movie plays with the very real, very scary idea that something like this could happen to any of us, at any time sort of thing.

Kerri:  So those ATM booths like in the middle of parking lots?  Like the stand-alone ones?

Chris:  Right - it's not attached to a bank or a mall or anything.  

Kerri:  And there's a guy outside, trying to kill them?

Chris:  Basically, yeah.

Kerri:  For what - their money?  Do these people have something he wants?

Chris:  Yes.  ... Rolos.

Kerri:  They are the most bomb candy.

Chris:  I know.  But in all seriousness, that's part of what the characters are trying to figure out - what does this guy want? - until it becomes pretty clear that the "why" doesn't matter; what matters is surviving.

Kerri:  Do any of the characters have diabetes?

Chris:  No.

Kerri:  Are they at the ATM to take money out to donate to a diabetes charity?

Chris:  Um … no?

Kerri:  Then why are we interviewing you on my diabetes blog?

Chris:  You said you had writer's block.

Kerri:  Excellent point once again.  And last question - where/when can people see ATM?  

Chris:  It comes out today [Friday, March 2] on Video on Demand (VOD) and digital download (iTunes, Amazon, etc), and will then see a limited theatrical release on April 6th.

Kerri:  I can't wait to see it.  And then have nightmares about ATMs being circled by sharks.

Chris: We're gonna need a bigger ATM.


This interview makes me giggle, which helps to counteract the terror I feel from watching the trailer. Nice work, Chris!

This is exactly the kind of movie that will hook my daughter and her friends. I just sent her an email about it so she can watch it this weekend.

Wow! And never again will I go to an atm alone or in the dark. (Maybe Chris is trying to keep us all safe??)

Well...here I was thinking that the Sparling family was all about birdies and unicorns...wrrrrongggg!!! lol

OK, I'm officially FREAKED OUT.

Yikes! I'm too scared to even watch the trailer! I'm having flashbacks to this horribly scary ATM I had to use in Costa Rica last October. I'm glad I didn't see this movie before then or I'd still be trying to figure out how to get some colones to pay for my stuff. (great interview! Made me smile which is a wonderful way to start my day). Good luck Chris!

OMG... this was an outstanding interview and post, Kerri. I've had to suppress my office-LOLs more than once.

Maybe it will make you feel better about ATMs, but here's a news story I saw this morning about cupcake-dispensing ATMs - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/02/sprinkles-cupcakes-atms-nyc_n_1316056.html?ref=new-york

Of course, maybe Chris shouldn't see this comment - we wouldn't want him to take the cupcake joy out of it by thinking sequel... :))

Can't wait to see ATM, by the way!

Just the thought of scary movies makes me nervous.

You should bring Chris to Nebraska- it freaks people out- being so empty and far from anything.

I won't be watching this movie, but I will tell my Favorite Uncle about it. He loves thrillers!

WTH? First it's that I'm buried alive, now I'm scared to use ATMs. Crap.

This has to be the best interview ever. :) And I want to see ATM but am scared lol. I'll be sure to watch it during the day!

rollos? bomb!

Why are we interviewing you on my diabetes blog?
Last month, there was a discussion on TuDiabetes on "How do you support your [diabetes] support system". I don't recall seeing "by promoting his screenwriting career", but that would've been an awesome answer!

Dear Kerri,
People don't say "the bomb" anymore. That whole airplane scary actual bomb thread thing.
Your young, hip, assistant

ok Im totally freaked out right now. The trailer was scary enough to make my heart skip a beat. Im not usually a "scary" movie person but the trailer to this phychological thriller is so intense I can't help but want to watch it.
It's weird while reading your wonderful interview I kept trying making connections in my head regarding diabetes. we are trapped in a box with something trying to kill us or the ones we love (D), first we start by asking "why - do we have it in the family, did I do something wrong when I was pregnant, did I feed my kids the wrong things, etc" but then we realize it doesn't matter why - we just have to survive. Then I watched the trailer and all the D stuff went away and now Im just afraid of ATMs - not everything has to be about D - life is more than D. Loved Chris's "Jaws" line at the end of the interview - classic.

now i'm wondering what the official plural of "rolo" is.

I want to see one of Chris's movies. I really really do. But I have a feeling this one will be like Buried - I'll rent it and then chicken out on actually watching it. He'll write a romantic comedy next, right? ;)

And now, on this lovely Sunday morning, I have work spread across the dining room table while my Chris watches your Chris' movie. I saw a preview and had to close my eyes. Does it help to have read the script, Kerri? Eegads! I don't think I can watch this stuff - but congratulations to him on this newest accomplishment. Back to work with me...

So none of the characters have diabetes in the movie, I think you should have mentioned the diabetes "easter egg" for anyone listening closely enough ;)

Now I want rolos.

"Do any of the characters have diabetes?"

Every single time I think of a scary situation, I think of how much scarier it would be with a low bloodsugar.
I felt this way when I read about the plot of Buried, too.

I cant wait to see the movie, It is awesome.. Where does he get these ideas? Your such a sweet person.. I bet you didn't know what kind of mind he has.. LOL

Good Interview. ATM looks scary, we Netflixed Buried and my husband liked it, (I guess I liked it okay too, but I'm not a scary movie kind of girl), I bet he'd like this one too. Congrats Chris on your 2nd movie!

wow, looks super scary!!

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