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What I'm Reading: Diabetes Linky Bits.

The diabetes online community has expanded to such an extent that I have no clue what kind of blogs are out there, never mind reading and keeping up with all of them.  But there are a few blogs and communities that I'm feeling very partial to lately, so I wanted to share them here.  Today.  Right ... NOW!

Blah, Blah Brooklyn
I've always loved Karen's blog, but when she announced that she was pregnant and then chronicled her journey with diabetes and pregnancy, I was hooked.  (That, and her kid is ridiculously adorable.)  Now, post-baby, she's dealing with a diabetes burnout (so to speak) that I'm all too familiar with, and reading her blog is like seeing my own thoughts written out by someone else. 

Diabetes Stinks
The title is pretty direct, no?  ;) There aren't a lot of blogs written by younger teens with diabetes, but I have been following this one by Liv, who is 13 years old and writing about the good, the bad, and all the stuff in between.  The DOC has so many different demographics represented, and I'm so glad to see someone like Liv writing regularly.

Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
This is one of my favorite blogs that I've found in the last few months (and the fact that it's written by a fellow Rhode Islander makes it even better).  "Bigfoot's" son was diagnosed about a year ago, and she writes in a way that makes me tear up through my laughter.  Her blog is a very real glimpse into life as the parent of a kid newly diagnosed with diabetes, and I am learning so much from her perspective.

Type 1 Diabetes Memes
A little levity goes a looooong way when it comes to diabetes management (for me, anyway), and whenever I find something that cracks me up, I want to share it. The memes on the Type 1 Diabetes Memes Facebook community hit that "HA!" nerve for me.  Sometimes it feels good to just laugh at this mess, you know?

That's what I've been reading lately - what's new in your DOC feed?


Ha! This is too weird. I was sitting at my desk yesterday thinking, "I wonder what blogs Kerri reads..." BAM and here they are! Maybe I'll start this mind-power for some new shoes...

I found Lisa from Scratch earlier this week and read most of her posts. She doesn't write about diabetes too much, but is a new mom and I dig her style.

I'm trying to find some good DOC reads, so I'm pumped to see what everyone else is checking out these days!

Great suggestions, Kerri! I am finding new blogs every day and getting too many to keep up with! Just found the DOC this month and it's been life changing!!!!!! (baby steps)

I absolutely LOVE the type 1 diabetes meme's on facebook! :)

Thanks, Kerri.

Type 1 diabetes Meme?! How was I not aware of this? Thanks for posting!!

Lol, I was just wandering around the internet waiting to test... now I have something to read=) oh and not to pat my own back, but I have a blog=) and I'm pretty new to the DOC so if your bored check it out=) it's

Thank you so much Kerri!

Thank you for this post! I am a PA student with a strong interest in T1DM, and I am particularly interested in adolescents and the "family diagnosis" part of DM. These blog recommendations are JUST what I've been looking for! Any blogs written by new college students? That transition seems to be so challenging.

I too hesitate to toot my own horn, but I'm always looking for new readers. I am a LADA (adult onset type 1) and have started a blog about dealing with LADA, as well as how it affects my faith. I welcome readers at lifeinladaland.wordpress.com. I love your posts, Kerri and will check out these blogs. Thanks for the recommendations!

While I'm definitely not new to diabetes (my 15 year dia-versary is next month), I'm new to the DOC. I very much enjoy your blog as well as Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness and Jacquie at Typical Type 1. I also follow Texting My Pancreas on Twitter.

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