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I guess it's good to have blood glucose testing options?

Whenever this happens, I always want to check using all three dots to see how different the meter results will be.  Oh, BG randomness!!
: When you prick your finger, squeeze, and about five holes show up with blood. Also known as a "bloody constellation." (Ew.)

(Check out more from the Diabetes Terms of Endearment ebook!)


Sometimes the dotties make a face!

OMG, the first time that happened, I freaked out! I thought there was a problem with my platelets...

Love the ebook!! Hate the Dotties... Have a great day!

And don't you just love it when each dot gives a different reading on the meter?!

When my daughter was young and we did her finger sticks for her, we used to call these snake eyes! She was so cute then and is an amazing young woman now.

Love the Terms of Endearment! But did I miss what "DOC" means???

Sometimes, after pricking my finger, I squeeze that finger with the next, and get a drop of blood from each. Then I forget which finger I really stabbed, and which one had an old, reopened wound.

Such a silly post, but when I saw it, I immediately connected!

Years ago I stopped using the "tips" of my fingers and opted for the sides of my finger tips. Less painful and it opens (no pun intended) a few more options!

Love it ! I thought I was the only one to get these !!!!!

I have taken a very similar picture of my finger - when I sent it to my husband, he thought I'd been bitten by a snake. lol

At first glance I thought it was a shird bite ( also known as the "ATM phenomenon".

the entire lexicon was so funny! I had to call my husband and read it to him to laugh together!

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