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Totally Looks Like (Redux).

Hey Abby - this one's for you!

My sensor has been wonky for the last two days, and last night it completely quit on me.  But not before claiming I was 270 mg/dl (when I was actually 131 mg/dL). 

And not before also claiming to be a giraffe.


This is where I'd put in what a giraffe says, but they don't have a larynx.

Dexcom, you're like an etch-a-sketch sometimes.


It must've been in the air - my Medtronic CGM was wonky, too! It was telling me weak signal, even though I had it on for less than 24 hours, and it was close to the receiver. And then it made me wait the 2 hour calibration so I was up till midnight. And then it woke me up every hour, one being with a "Low Predicted" alarm, followed quickly by a "High Predicted". I almost ripped it out at the 3am mark. lol

You have a very talented Dexcom! I wonder if my Medtronic CGM could be so artistic? :)

Great analogy and picture find. Hahahahaha.

Great alt text on the giraffe. :)

A confused giraffe, at that. It's a thought bubble, right?

Unmistakebly a giraffe. For sure.

Where is Lee Ann? I am feeling a whole new category for Diabetes Art Day.


I looked at the Dexcom before scrolling down and I said out loud, "Hey, that looks like a giraffe." Scroll down, ROTFL!

LOL ours totaly quit on us too last night but it looked more like a dead snake saying Jacob was 39 for the entire day!!!

I love everything about this post. Including the comments. And the alt text. and the giraffe. and everything.

Just curious -- how many days? Mine looked like that yesterday and I finally called it quits - after 15 days!

Kerri, I'm glad I'm not alone in having the occasional inaccurate reading! (Although I wouldn't wish it on anybody - they can really elicit some panic in me!). For me, I find it's usually during the first few days of a new Dexom. Then once it starts producing readings right on the nose, it's time to switch to a new one! :) Thank you finding humor in your Dexcom readings - made me laugh!

You and your Dex shapes... always bring a smile. :))

Wish I hadn't seen this, just as I've been thinking of trying the DexCom. I am approved for the Medtronic, and have been wearing it for 4 years. I rarely get a bad sensor (maybe 2 per year) and the only reason I wanted to switch was because it catches low BGs rather slowly (gives a predicted low sometimes when my BG is already 65.) Should I switch or not?

haha... leavee it to you to see a giraffe in your Deccom!! Thanks for the laugh!

Hey- I had that exact same graph this morning when my BG was actually 191 but my dex said I was 395...gotta love technology :)


I can't wait to use the dexcom and join this fun! Giraffe, Arby's hat...

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